Homemade Dog Coat Conditioner Recipe - for Easy Grooming

Tess Thompson

The coat of long-haired breeds like the Pekingese and Shih Tzu get tangled to such an extent that sometimes there is no alternative but to strip the coat down to the skin with clippers. Even while grooming other breeds, you are likely to notice that some hair becomes damaged, tangled and matted. These may be some damaged hair, burrs that are difficult to remove and mats that become difficult to get rid of. Some homemade recipes for coat conditioners can help solve these problems and can save you some expense or a trip to the veterinarian.

To treat dry or damaged coat, whisk the yolk of an egg vigorously and add a little bit of water until it becomes creamy. Mix the white of the egg. Wet dog’s coat with warm water and remove excess water. Apply the mixture to the coat, gently until the froth reaches deep into the skin. Rinse thoroughly and wash away all the mixture with water.

Pulling out burrs that get attached to a long coat while running outside can be pretty traumatic for the dog. Use a sewing seam ripper to pluck out hair around the burr. The burr will come out easily after that. Use an oily conditioner to keep the coat shiny and slippery for burrs to be brushed off easily if they reoccur.

Brushing and combing breeds with long hair is a tedious job, and owners are often compelled to seek professional help for grooming them. Long hair gets matted and tangled frequently. Rinse the coat with a gentle conditioner every time you give the dog a bath.

Short and vertical strokes will slice a stubborn matted area into smaller ones. Using an oil based conditioner will loosen the knots, which makes brushing easier. Invest in brushes and combs meant specifically for long-haired breeds.

Most of the dog skin problems are precursors of some major condition that may be developing inside the body. Pet skin is a sensitive organ that is frequently affected by foreign substances that cause allergies and eczema in cats and dogs. Mild conditions like canine and feline acne can be easily avoided or cured at home, if you take proper care while grooming your pet. For example, massaging vinegar in the coat and letting it dry for sometime before washing it off can help prevent dog and cat dandruff. Left unattended, conditions that usually cause only mild itching may progress and lead to excessive canine and feline hair loss making a great difference to the look of your pet.


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