Kennel cough remedies

By Tess Thompson

The whole idea of the topic of this article seems to be dubious since the fact is that kennel cough does not have any remedies at all. It is like the common cold that humans get or the chest congestion that will take its own course and heal on its own.

The symptoms of kennel cough take about 5 to 6 days to appear after the bacterium or virus actually strikes your pet. Knowing the symptoms and treatment for kennel cough can go a long way in helping your dog feel more comfortable.

The best way to ensure that your dog does not have a painful ad bad time with kennel cough is to prevent it. Vaccinate your dog against the bacterium and viruses that can cause kennel cough. Speak to your vet about the details and the schedule for the booster doses. Know that these vaccines are not only necessary for dogs that stay in kennels or go for dog shows. Kennel cough is so infectious that it can occur even if your pet stays at home generally but visits parks and goes for walks.

If you have to take your pet to a kennel or leave him at a place that boards other dogs, make sure that you choose a reputed place that does not allow infected dogs to stay. Also ensure that you give your dog a booster dose about a week before taking him to any place where other dogs are likely to be present.

If your dog does get infected with kennel cough make sure that you provide the maximum level of comfort for him. Keep him warm and comfortable and ensure that he is in a humid environment. This can be achieved by keeping a vaporizer near the crate, kennel or bed. Reduce the amount of exercise for your dog and keep his eyes and nose clean of any discharge that may occur.

Try to keep away from cough suppressants since they only keep the phlegm from coming out causing the condition to take longer to heal. This reduces the immunity levels of your dog and can cause other infectious diseases that may be much more serious than kennel cough.

Basically, no kind of canine respiratory infection cure is required for kennel cough and all you need to do is to ensure that you use certain guidelines to alleviate the symptoms of the condition so that your pet is not in too much pain or discomfort.

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