Make Your Pet Comfortable During Feline Colds

By Tess Thompson

Colds are bothersome both for humans and cats, but cat colds are different from common colds, the characteristically seasonal illness that humans experience. The difference lies in the fact that common colds are not dangerous for humans, but they can prove to be the harbinger of serious infections in cats.

If the cold has been caused due to a virus that is producing cold-like symptoms such as watery eyes and nose, sneezing and coughing, then the only care that you can provide for your cat is symptomatic treatment, as there is no drug that is effective against viruses. The infectious viral agent must live its course for the infection to disappear. The rule of the thumb to distinguish between viral and bacterial infections is that nasal discharge in the latter is thick, opaque and yellowish-green in color.

Regardless of whether symptoms are due to a viral or bacterial infection, the cat needs your help in making her comfortable for as long as the symptoms remain.

  • Do not let the cat out in cold weather. The bronchial tubes tend to contract in low temperatures, which cause difficulty in breathing. As much as possible, keep your pet warm and moist. Use a vaporizer near the place the cat usually sleeps.
  • Use herbal products to wash the eyes. Use a blanket to wrap the cat if she resists.
  • Keep the room well-ventilated.
  • It is most likely that your cat is not eating properly if she has cold-like symptoms. Coax her to eat. Offer her home-cooked natural foods to boost immunity.
  • If you have some children’s cold medicine at home, you may try to administer it. If you wish to play it safe, then you may choose feline upper respiratory herbal treatment or homeopathic formulations that alleviate symptoms of cold and boost immunity, as well.

Cat colds are feline respiratory diseases, and cold-like symptoms in cats should not be ignored under any circumstances. Even when you feel that it is caused by one of those self-limiting viruses, a veterinarian evaluation is called for. Cat colds are known to progress into serious feline respiratory problems and travel down to the lungs, causing pneumonia.


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