Natural Dog Health

By Tess Thompson

The similarity in overall behavioral patterns between dogs and human beings has earned them the exceptional sobriquet “man’s best friend.” The loyalty and devotion of pet dogs resembles the human idea of love and affection to such a great extent that dog owners view their pets as family members.

Like any other family member, dogs too get sick and contract diseases and deserve as much of your attention and care, as does any other family member.

Dogs are vulnerable to the same illnesses as human beings including diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, heart disease, and arthritis as well as some dog and animal specific diseases. Some of the common diseases that you can come across in your pet dog are those of presence of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, common ailments like coat condition, diarrhea, and allergies. Some dog specific diseases that may surface include anal gland infections as well.

Obviously, the first reaction on seeing some abnormal symptoms is to approach a veterinarian and that may lead to you to see some rough handling of your loving pet dog or even surgery. What many of us are not aware of is that there is another option in the shape of natural cure in shape of homeopathic and herbal cure. By opting for homeopathic medicine for your pets, or dog herbal remedies you can ensure that the pet you brought up with great love and compassion is kept away from strong medication. These natural remedies for pet health are also available for those who have cats as pets in the form of cat herbal remedies. It is best to avoid the strong antibiotics and painkillers that most of the veterinarians administer since they can lead to health imbalances and chronic diseases. And this is most important in the case of your pets since they cannot communicate to you the various symptoms that they may be experiencing.

Sometime a cure is as simple as going back to a natural diet regime or doing away with the synthetic additives that you may have been giving to your dog. For example, when you see your dog dragging its bottom on the ground continually or licking the area, it is sign of anal glands being blocked. A simple wash with and administration of recommended natural substances can help ward off aggravation of the condition.

Matters like phantom pregnancies and the calling season can be as tiresome as any disease. Bitches that are prone to phantom pregnancies have the tendency to suffer season after season. Unless the condition is severe and requires spraying by a veterinarian, natural and herbal products can be used to alleviate the condition. Similarly, queens that are not to be mated, behave abnormally during every mating season. Herbal remedies to reduce anxiety go a long way to calm them down.

By being a bit observant of change in your dog’s behavior you can avoid frequent visits to a veterinarian, as natural, home and herbal remedies are very effective in almost all cases of common ailments including bladder and kidney infection.