Are There Natural Remedies For Tumors In Cats?

By Tess Thompson

There are two ways in which cancer treatment in pets can be approached. The first is the conventional treatment, which is often equivalent to maltreatment. This is so because conventional treatment is insensitive and causes a great amount of suffering to the animal. Cancer treatment is toxic, and options like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are plagued with side effects. These side effects can be more harmful and debilitating than the disease itself.

The other approach is the holistic, which targets the underlying cause of the disease and attempts to cure it. A holistic method helps in uprooting the disease from its source. It also strengthens the body system and its organs.

The basic principle behind a holistic approach is that no disease occurs without a cause. A holistic approach treats symptoms as reflections of the body’s effort to heal itself or as the results of the cause behind the disease.

The easy access to information has made pet owners aware of the symptoms of cancer in dogs and cats. Whether it is a case of cancer in dogs or a feline cancer, it almost always puts pet owners in a predicament. The dilemma exists between treatment and putting the animal down to save him from unnecessary suffering. The fatal nature of the disease almost always deters cat owners from looking for any alternative treatment.

It is believed by some specialists that most people have some type of cancer cells in the body. The real defense against cancer, and any other disease for that matter, is the body’s immune system. If the immune system is strong, these cells are killed or reabsorbed before they can cause cancer or threaten overall health. If the immune system is weak, treatment only results in a temporary remission of the disease.

Natural remedies for tumors in cats may not be a sure cure at present, but extensive research has been undertaken to study the role played by the transfer of tiny molecules in colostrum, the milky fluid secreted for the first day or two after birth, from mother to her baby. This can prove to be of a great help in stimulating a weak immune system. Any breakthrough in this area will naturally result in discovery of ways to transfer cells that kill cancer to those affected with cancer.


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