Over-the-Counter Medicines for Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Tess Thompson

Old age in dogs can start as early as 6 years, depending upon the breed. As the dog starts getting older, the effects of domestication and allied exposure to environmental toxins start showing in the shape of various health issues. While the aging process cannot be reversed, we should at least attempt to ameliorate the quality of our pet’s life.

Cushing’s disease is normally seen in middle-aged and older dogs. It is caused by excessive levels of cortisol in the body. This is generally caused due to changes within the body or exogenous administration of glucocorticoids to treat allergies and immune-mediated disorders. Changes within the body that may cause Cushing’s disease are a pituitary adenoma, adrenal tumor or small cell lung cancer.

The preferred drug for treating Cushing’s is Lysodren. This drug acts as a destroyer of adrenal tissue responsible for producing cortisol. Treatment needs to be strictly monitored to avoid overdose as well as to check the side effects of the drug. An overdose can destroy more than necessary tissue and lead to a lower levels of cortisol, leading to Addison’s disease.

Canine Cushing’s can be a big drain on the strength and vitality of your pet. The symptoms can be extremely painful and the accompanied hair loss, dry and cracked skin can transform the very appearance of the dog. Over time, the disorder hampers immune responses, exposing the poor dog to bacterial infections. Over-the-counter formulations that use natural products that promote adrenal health are another option if you are one of those who do not want to expose your pet to further suffering.

Preventing disease is primary to the healthy long life of your dog. An over-the-counter natural medicine for Cushing’s should ideally contain natural substances and should be devoid of any synthetic fillers or chemicals. Some herbs and homeopathic remedies are very useful for promoting general health, alleviating symptoms of Cushing’s disease, and setting-up the body’s constitutional ability to heal itself. A natural remedy for Cushing’s focuses on boosting the immune system and supporting adrenal functioning rather than destroying its tissue to temporarily reduce cortiol levels.

The maxim of ‘buyers beware’ applies more to buying over-the-counter medicines than it does to anything else. Before buying, check whether the information provided by the manufacturer is correct and complete. Sift marketing hype from cogent information and make sure that the manufacturer has a credible reputation.

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