Is Your Pet Acting Like a Punk?

How to stop bad behavior for a happier home

Native Remedies

  • Consider alternatives to veterinary care. If you can’tafford vet fees, check out humane society or university veterinary clinics which may offer thriftier medical services than private practitioners.
  • Look out for specialssuch as reduced veterinary-service events sponsored by government agencies or pet stores. Also, some vets will give you a discount if you bring in several pets at once, so bringing in the whole brood routine check-ups and inoculations will save you timeandmoney
  • Tell your vet if your pet is a stray. Many vets offer a discount if a pet was an abandoned or homeless creature that you rescued. The discount is usually at least 10 percent off.
  • Seniors should also ask their vets about discounts. Some vets offer seniors discounts as high as 20 percent!
  • Reproductive reasons aside,spaying or neuteringyour pet decreases its chances of developing a number of illnesses.
  • Keep track of your pet’s recordssuch as inoculations and other health-care services. If you switch vets, you’ll avoid having costly procedures repeated.
  • Be selective about follow-up care. Don't automatically follow up with expensive emergency-hospital staff (if you can avoid it.). See if you can instead follow up with your regular vet during normal business hours.
  • Learn what constitutes a true emergency situation. For example, weakness and difficulty in breathing is an emergency.
  • Consider purchasing pet health insurance. It works in much the same way as it does for people -- there's generally a deductible, a co-pay or both, and forms to be filled out
  • Don’t settle for prices; shop around for medicines, online and locally.
  • Seek a second opinionwhen your vet suggests a pricey procedure.
  • Brush your pet’s pearly whites! Not only will your pet's teeth suffer if you don't -- it can seriously affect your pet’s overall health. Oral bacteria can lead to serious problems and complications.
  • Ask your vet for samples.
  • Consider yourpet’s diet. Upgrading to higher-quality premium foods can pay off in health dividends.
  • Take advantage of thefree resources offered by your local pet-supply store. Their personnel tend to be animal lovers with a fairly good knowledge regarding a variety of pets.
  • Read, listen and watch. Take advantage of other free resources, such as pet publications, informative email subscriptions, and TV and radio programs.