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It’s not too early to begin making pet preparations for the upcoming holiday season and winter weather. From boosting immunity to ensuring proper housing arrangements for your pet during seasonal travel, you can ease stressors for yourself as well as help sustain your pet’s health.

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Protecting Your Pet with Natural Support

When taken to temporary boarding places, pets are exposed to countless other animals – each with the potential to infect your healthy pet. The stress related to separation anxiety can also weaken your pet’s immune system, increasing susceptibility to illness. Herbal and homeopathic remedies can be safe and effective in not only helping protect against illness but also address symptoms that may occur.

You may find that giving your pet a maintenance dose of herbal and homeopathic support is beneficial as a preventative measure for continued health and well-being. Pets respond to natural medicine in different ways, and often optimal benefits can take 3-6 weeks to take effect. To ensure your pet receives full support, it is important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent and start supporting health now.

Trip-Taking Tips

Whether you’re bringing your pet along for your holiday travels or boarding, you’ll need to make preparations either way. Advance reservations at kennels is often a necessity, and airlines sometimes require early arrival and extra pet travel fees, so find out and plan accordingly.

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Also, make arrangements for possible ill health scenarios, and have remedies on-hand or available to give to caretakers in case they are needed. When possible, leave the pet with friends or family, in an environment they are familiar and comfortable staying in to ease discomfort and promote good behavior.

If traveling by plane, always confirm pet regulations well in advance so that preparations can be made as necessary. Also, consult with a vet for proper feeding instructions based on your pet’s age, size, time and distance of the flight. Generally, traveling on an empty stomach is best. The day of travel, arrive at the airport early to allow your pet to exercise and adapt to the crate.

You can also make use of natural remedies to provide additional support for mood imbalances commonly experienced during travel. Many herbal and homeopathic ingredients are well known for their ability to provide effective relief without creating dependency or side effects.

Many animals become uncomfortable in unfamiliar environments, so minimizing disturbances or providing reassurance throughout the journey can be very helpful in easing anxiety or curbing aggression, which may result from fear of the unknown. Just as with children, providing pets with an item of comfort such as a blanket or feeding dish can help remind them of the safety and security of home.

Curbing Cold Weather Health Conditions

Similar to us, our pets’ immune systems function best when proper nutrition, rest, and exercise are in harmony. Therefore, making sure your pet is in top form prior to travel and harsh weather can help carry on health.

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Easy Air Travel

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Most likely, if your pet is kept indoors more, it will be exercising less and will require smaller portions of food. However, if it stays outdoors often, it may require additional food to burn calories needed to produce body heat.

Aside from nutrition and exercise, other physical conditions must be considered. Abrupt changes in temperature can wreak havoc on tender paws and feet. Ice and salt used to treat sidewalks and roads can cause severe stress and discomfort, so care should be taken to provide relief for your little ones. Always wipe paws after a walk or spending time outdoors, and try an ointment or lotion to keep paws in top condition.

Natural remedies such as Calendula officinalis and Plantago lanceolata are known for soothing and conditioning pets’ paws and pads, preventing bruising, cracking and infection, while encouraging healing of small cuts and wounds and reducing inflammation. Keep your pet properly groomed, as matted hair will not protect against the cold.

Exposure to boarding places and harsh weather can also cause skin irritation. In addition, snowfall on the ground can conceal rough surfaces, debris, or other hazards. Hamamelis virginianum, Melissa officinalis, and Urtica urens are great for cleaning and disinfecting minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes, and also help disinfect fungal infections or contact with poison ivy (whose oil can still be present this time of year on dead or decaying leaves).

Lastly, but of great importance: be aware of your pet’s surroundings. Many people think the garage is a safe haven for pets during cold winter months. However, antifreeze is a common hazard to pets, as both dogs and cats are attracted to its sweet flavor. The chemical can be toxic in even small quantities, so be sure to check your car’s radiator and secure all supplies stored around the garage. Furthermore, be cautious about carbon monoxide. Never warm or start up your car in a confined space like the garage without first removing your pet.

By taking a little extra care at the start of the season, you can provide a strong foundation of health, wellness, and happiness for your pet in the year ahead.

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