Summer Vacation or 'Stay'cation? Avoiding Pet Problems

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Whether you have decided to roam the world on a summer vacation, or decided to stay close to home, known as the popular staycationif you have 4-legged family members -- you have some decisions to make!! As pet owners, it is important that you keep in mind the effects either type of holiday may have on your furry friends.

Whether you have a cat or dog, pets rarely like changes in routine - ours or theirs. Our daily schedule usually consists of work and home, and pets become accustomed to this stability.

We, as humans, may welcome a change in our "everyday" lifestyle, but it is quite common for your pet to go through some behavioral struggles with new environments and situations.

Activities such as a backyard BBQ, friends coming to visit, traveling in a car or an airplane can cause anxiety and stress for your pet. Whether you stay or go, here are some potential snags to consider when deciding your summer activities.

If You Stay.

1. Inviting the neighbors? Those BBQ’s that are being thrown at home may cause your pet to feel a little more territorial or even display anxiety. Behaviors such as barking at the driveway for a dog, hoarding toys and urinating on objects are prime examples of how your pet may react to a possible "intruder" coming to take their space. It’s important to calm your pets’ nerves about new situations. Pay attention to changes in their behavior, and take steps to make them feel more at ease, which may mean providing a comforting toy, or separating them if necessary for a ‘time out’.

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2. Spending more time in the backyard? Although spending more time with your pet outdoors is a great experience for both you and your pet, pesky insects could put a leash on outdoor activities. Unwelcome guests on your pets’ coat sometimes can’t be avoided, but they can be managed! Beware of tall grass and shrubbery, and check your pet for ticks on regular basis. Also be sure to keep them up to date with vaccinations and other medicines.

3. Social butterflies? Now that you have some more time, your friends want to come over with their pets for a play date. While social interaction for humans may be welcomed, this might not be so great for your pet. Pet aggression may rear its ugly head when your pet meets his "new chum". Cats and dogs alike could show signs of dominance by growling/hissing, barring teeth or trying to bite other animals. This could leave you speechless-- how could your lovable pet act this way? Try to alleviate your pets’ fears by showing him or her attention, but be firm and remain in control, and let them know aggressive behavior is not acceptable.

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If You Go.

1. Too many bumps along the way? Taking a trip anywhere always has some stresses. Whether you are driving on the road or on an airplane, your pet may experience motion sickness. Motion sickness can come in the forms of vomiting, diarrhea, and drooling. You may have little control when you are in an airplane, but trying to keep your pets’ environment well-ventilated, and providing more room may reduce motion sickness effects.

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2. Itchy and Scratchy? Changing your pet’s environment means new grass, insects, plants and organisms. Pets want to play as soon as you get to your destination, but now that they have settled down for the night, they can’t stop scratching. Skin allergies can come on after playing in that new grass that they have never been on. Pets will scratch, bite and lick themselves continually to find relief. Don’t let them suffer! If you can, try and plan ahead and avoid potential triggers, and bring along some damage control in the form of herbal and homeopathic remedies.

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3. Gotta Go? While traveling, getting to your destination may be the first thing on your mind. Unfortunately, if pets are in an environment where stopping to take a pee break isn’t an option, this could cause urinary tract problems. Keeping your pet healthy and allowing more frequent stops if in a car may be a solution. Using an absorbent pad in your pets’ crate while in the air may help the comfort level when your pet needs to "go".

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Happy "Tails" to You!

Whether to promote energy levels, soothe skin and coats, or ease anxious tempers, natural remedies have been used for centuries to promote well-rounded health and harmony in bodily systems in both humans and their pets!

By planning ahead for your summer on the road or in the backyard, you can sit back and relax. Finding that balanced approach that suits both you and your pet can make for happy, healthy pets and a safe summer.