The Adoption Option!

Is it Right for You?

Tess Thompson

From natural disasters like hurricanes to mortgage foreclosures, many pets are getting left behind. If you or someone you know is looking for a new pet to bring into a home, please consider adopting or rescuing an animal in need first.

If you already have pets in your household, you’re likely aware of all the points to consider before becoming a pet owner—or perhaps you’ve been without a pet for a while and are looking for a new addition to the family.

Besides possible tension between existing and new pets, there are additional things one must consider, including time, money and commitment. While the benefits of pet ownership are great, a pet deserves to be brought into the best circumstances possible. To help slow down the problem of overcrowded shelters, take some time to evaluate your situation first.

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Best Intentions

Becoming a pet owner or adding to your family is a huge decision… and often one that is made in haste when peering into some puppy eyes, or feeling the pressure from children or significant other. Remember that pets will be with you for up to 20 years, so don’t allow yourself to make a rash choice that will harm the animal in the long-run.

In addition, many pets up for adoption have been neglected and developed health conditions, and therefore require a little extra love and TLC. Natural remedies can greatly support health when used correctly. However, patience is important, as herbal and homeopathic remedies work to restore balance in all bodily systems (not just mask symptoms), which can take a few weeks for effects to be seen.

Taking the Time

Perhaps you’ve been a cat person and used to just contending with a litterbox. However, dogs require ample exercise time included in their walks-- not merely for doing their "business"--while cats need physical activity of their own, too. Conversely, if you’re not ready to make the commitment (or have the desire) to clean the litterbox regularly, you’re in for a challenge.

There are also the issues of spaying and neutering, license laws, and veterinary care to consider. Love, companionship, and proper nutrition all also go without saying. However, your pet will give these joys back to you tenfold—you just need to ensure you’re willing to put in the time that’s fair to their health and happiness.

The Right Environment

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Problem Pet Solution

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As different breeds have varying requirements, it’s important to take into consideration the living space, other animals, or young children of the household. While some animals are more active and require more human interaction, for those with a hectic schedule, this would probably not be the best match. Doing a little research before adopting can go a long way to finding the pet best suited for your home.

Don’t Give Up!

It unfortunately is quite common that pet owners do not consider the aforementioned issues surrounding pet ownership, and decide to give up on their new companion too soon when things are not going smoothly. Behavioral concerns can often be resolved with some proper training and effort from the owner, and health issues can often be nipped in the bud when dealt with early on. If a pre-existing health issue is found, which is often caused by smaller underlying problems – this can usually be solved by addressing the root of the problem. For instance, wetting accidents may be attributed to anxiety, or aggression a result of pent-up energy. Natural remedies are very effective for all these common concerns. Combined with a little love, your new pet can become a healthy, happy new member of the family.

Pet Adoption Success Stories with PetAlive and a Holistic Approach to Pet Health

"We got two puppies from our local SPCA, which we shortly after found out that they were sick with cat flu/dog illness distemper. The little boy died after two weeks being hospitalized, which was a very traumatic experience to see what this horrible illness do to them and you feel helpless. The vet prepared me that his little sister will walk the same road as he did, and I felt desperate not to go through the whole ordeal again and also desperate not to lose her, as they are too cute!! She was hospitalized for two weeks as well, not being as ill as he was, but we tried treating her... I did some research on the net and came upon your website which gave me so much detail on these illnesses’ and the best of all, a possible remedy. I immediately ordered the Vi-Pro Plus™ and the Parvo-K™. Early the very next morning, we received the granules. Very easy to give, I must admit! I am very proud and even happier to say that it's been 3 weeks she's been home and the symptoms have gone away, she is happy, healthy, playful, naughty :-), looking gorgeous as ever! We would like to thank PetAlive for this incredible product we strongly believe in now! Also thank you for such an informative website on all the illnesses; it really helps to spot them early and prevent sadness from losing our furry-love-bundles-of-joy!" --Cindy D.

"…Our beloved kitty Lucky is a Norwegian Forest Cat and is three years old… He is named Lucky because he was found just two days old inside of an abandoned house near death, his other siblings didn’t make it. We nursed him to health and have pampered him since.

Since our children are grown we have come to lavish all our love on him. He’s very vocal; he only likes loveys from Mommy and only on his terms, held just like a baby curled on his back in my arms, purring and slobbering to beat the band; if you pick him up with out his permission he will practically bite your head off! He and daddy have their own "guy" rough play relationship.

Check out even more stories on our Rescued Pets page!

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