Treating Yeast in Dogs Ears Naturally

By Tess Thompson

Pet owners are often confronted with pet ear problems. Even though there reasons other than ear mites , dog and cat ear mites are the most common cause of ear infections in pets. Some other causes of infections in dog ears are listed below:

  • Wet ears that do not dry on their own
  • Skin diseases
  • Allergic reactions
  • Injury to the ear canal
  • Insect bites

The structure of a dog’s ear is such that water gets trapped easily in the ear canal. A dog’s ears naturally produce some amount of wax. This wax should be cleaned regularly as part of normal grooming. Severe instances of infection normally leads to excessive wax production that refuses to go away despite regular cleaning.

Moist wax is an invitation for yeast infection. If your dog scratches or rubs his ears excessively or shakes his head without any reason, it is sensible to inspect the ears for any signs of yeast infection. A particularly foul odor, redness, swelling of the external ear and an oily discharge are sure indications of a yeast infection.

In most cases, dogs can fight yeast infections on their own, but this is possible only if they have a strong immune system. If your dog is suffering from a yeast infection, avoid feeding table scraps to your dog and switch to healthy and balanced dog food. Human food is not suitable for dogs and by giving in to the whining and begging that your dog may indulge in can actually be dangerous for your pet. Only diets that have been formulated specifically for dogs will keep the immune system in peak condition. Stick to natural diets that do not contain synthetic additives.

Your first step in treating a yeast infection in dogs should be to ensure that his ears remain as dry as possible. Breeds with long drooping ears deserve more attention as floppy ears prevent the free passage of air. If possible, fold the ears back and tie a head band when he is indoors.

Make sure that you clean your dog’s ears while grooming. If you see any excessive wax, pour a few drops of vinegar and water solution in the ears. It is a very effective home remedy for dog ear mites that will loosen the wax so that you can clean it with a cotton swab. If you see any signs of injury in the ear, avoid using vinegar and use mineral oil mixed with Vitamin C instead.

Antibiotics are known for killing beneficial bacteria along with the infection-causing bacteria. Avoid antibiotics as this disruption weakens the dog’s immune system and allows the yeast infection to gain a foothold in the body. You may discuss the use of herbs that have antimicrobial enzyme-producing properties.

Dogs are not naturally domestic animals but have been made to evolve in a domestic environment. Moreover, breeding has resulted in vulnerability to diseases that are not otherwise common in dogs. Therefore your dog needs your help in grooming and prevention of infections that he cannot combat on his own.


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