Useful Tips to Remove Pet Hair from your House

By Tess Thompson

The condition of the skin and coat is an indicator of the general health of your pet. Other than specific skin conditions like cat dandruff, feline acne or serious immune mediated cat and dog skin problems , internal health issues also reflect on the skin and coat of your pet.

Most of these health conditions lead to feline and canine hair loss. The situation is more challenging if you have a dog since most breeds shed hair naturally to a large extent during certain times of the year. Natural hair loss combined with hair loss due to ailments can pose a major problem for pet owners. Cleaning floors, carpets and furniture can become a more arduous task than it already is. Vacuum cleaners are the obvious choice for house cleaning, but many times it has been noticed that the cat and dog hair do not get completely removed by the machine. Some useful tips for removing pet hair can save you time and money.

  • With a vacuum cleaner.
  • After a thorough cleaning with the vacuum, use a barely dampened mop on low pile carpets. Keep a separate mop for this purpose so that you do not transfer soap, water or dust to the carpet.
  • Sprinkle a light coat of baking soda over the carpet. This is sure to loosen pet hair which can then be vacuumed more easily.
  • Use a horse shedding blade over the rug. This will not ruin your rug but loosen the hair for you to clean.
  • Spray a fine mist of fabric softener diluted in water over the carpet ensuring that you do not drench it. The mist will evaporate in a couple of minutes but this is guaranteed to loosen the hair for vacuuming. Make sure to run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet once it is totally dry.
  • Without a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can use a clean kitchen sponge for removing hair from the furniture. It rolls up the hair so that it can be picked up easily. This option is much cheaper than solutions sold specifically for this purpose.
  • Static electricity makes even small and hard-to-see hair stand up. Anything made of rubber will pick up hair easily. Inflate a balloon and rub on the furniture. Use one side once only to avoid transferring the hair back. You can also use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes.
  • For floors, use a squeegee that is long enough to use as a push broom.
  • Get freshly mowed grass clippings or damp leaves and spread over the floor. Dust and pet hair will stick to the dampness. Sweep with a broom or cleaner.

A drop of olive oil added to pet’s diet might control hair shedding to some extent. If you allow your pet inside the house, the problem of removing pet hair from floors, furniture and carpets will continue to exist. Vets recommend "lint rollers" to collect hair before falling, which can be expensive. Using inexpensive home tips for removing pet hair can go a long way in saving hard earned money and minimize effort for cleaning the house.


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