What Can You Do If Your Dog Has Bad Breath

Tess Thompson

Canine bad breath is a common occurrence, and most owners struggle with offensive dog breath at least once. If your dog has bad breath, the following tips may be useful.

If you have not been brushing your dog’s teeth, learning to do so is the first thing that you should do. Brushing a dog’s teeth is not difficult to learn, and only takes some patience and practice. You do need to ensure that your dog gets used to the process. You can look for one of those flavored toothpastes that your dog may readily accept, and in no time, he may even start looking forward to it.

Regular brushing will take care of tartar build-up, which is one of the major reasons behind the development of dental problems. You can also look for a special dog breath freshener that can restrict the accumulation of tartar. However, this special freshener should not be considered a substitute for brushing.

Soft foods tend to leave residue that gets stuck between the teeth and gums. Once the food particles decay, they start giving out an offensive smell. Ensure that you give your dog a fair amount of hard and dry foods, which can help in the natural cleaning of the teeth. Bones and chew toys also help in keeping teeth clean.

While brushing, look for bone splinters that may have been lodged between the teeth or the gums. You may be able to remove some of them on your own. If the food particles or splinters are lodged deep within the recesses, you may have to take the dog to a veterinarian. While brushing, you should also keep an eye for abscessed teeth, inflamed gums or signs of infection so that you can take action well in time. These problems must be addressed by a specialist.

If you have been taking care of your dog’s teeth while grooming, there is very little possibility of bad dog breath. However, irrespective of the dental care that you are providing, make sure that a dental check-up is included every time you visit your veterinarian. An examination of the teeth, mouth and breath can actually unearth some potential physical condition that may otherwise go undetected.


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