Cushex Drops Testimonials

Natural remedy to help support adrenal gland health and normal Cortisol levels in dogs and cats.

“I started [giving my dog].Cushex Drops. I can see he is starting [to be].more alert. [I am] also [using] the product in capsule that is used with Cushex Drops.” — S. Estabrooks, NB, Canada

“My 13 year old Chihuahua, ChaCha, has been on Cushex Drops for… for almost 3 years. She was diagnosed by use of symptoms and lab tests. I refused the vet's recommendations…. It has been a miracle. All of her symptoms are gone…. If I run out… there is a dramatic difference with a return to some of the symptoms, but as soon as I restart the drops, she is fine again. So I know it totally works and recommend it to all owners of dogs with [glandular issues]. Thank You Native Remedies for giving me my dog more years of health and vitality.” — Shirley O., CA, USA

“My 11 year old mini longhair Dachshund was having problems with urinating a lot and drinking excessive amounts of water. He was always looking for food and lost most of the fur. He took medicine for 2 weeks, but I wasn't happy because of too strong. I tried to give him every other day. I found Cushex Drops through the internet. I tried it. After 3 weeks using these drops, he took blood test. Vet said he …has improved! I was very happy. But, he has still urinating a lot, drinking too much water and always looking for food. I tried Cushex Drops, but when he was a lot of urinating I give him medication one or twice a week. But, I don't want to give him. After 8 weeks using these drops, he has more energy and his fur appears to be growing back his nose and his belly. And his belly has gotten smaller. And after 9 and half weeks using these drops, he doesn't drinking water and urinating much than before. I just cannot believe that. Finally Cushex Drops works! So I don't have to give him medication anymore. Now, I just give him Cushex Drops. He is very happy; he is running outside and jumping in my house. I am very very happy for him. Thank you very much for help my dog! This is the wonderful product! He looks much happier than before. Thank you very much!” — Keiko, NY, USA

“The Cushex Drops work! My dog was suffering... Within two days he was back to normal after using the Cushex Drops! They work, they really work!” — Lara, CA, USA

“I have an 11-year-old Miniature Dachshund. He started drinking excessive amount of water and urinating a lot, was always looking for food, and losing lots of hair. He took medicine from the vet for 17 days first and then took Cushex Drops for 3 weeks. I took Christopher to go to [the vet] yesterday …and [he] has improved. I am very very happy! I am continuing to give him Cushex Drops. Thank you so much!...” — Keiko, USA

“It has been since the end of January 2010 that my dear Sei-Sei has been on Cushex Drops supplementing her already use of 1/8 teaspoon flax seed HULLS, and 2x- 3 mg Melatonin. This on top of food I make myself as she is a Bichon-Poodle mix and had severe skin allergies, which the food did help that but her symptoms of hunger and thirst were out of control. She no longer played and was listless and her muscles were wasted away so she could hardly walk. Now she has normal thirst and hunger and just this weekend played with her toys! I credit the addition of Cushex Drops, Thank you for restoring my little girl’s interest in life and obvious improvement of health. I no longer feel she is under a "death sentence" which I felt when she was diagnosed… Thank you again!” — Lesli, GA, USA

“This is the second time I have ordered Cushex Drops for my Lhaso/Coton dog Cleo. She is 9 years old… In early 2008, she started having [nerve problems] of a different type and was then diagnosed… Her health deteriorated rapidly… she was a different dog. Once I read up on [what she had], I realized that perhaps her [issues were related]. I decided I was not going to put Cleo on the myriad… [of products]. Instead, I opted to try your Cushex Drops and have seen my dog return to her 2 year old state. She has lost the pot belly, the ravenous appetite, the breaking of house training and most of all, she has returned to be very spirited and fun loving. She goes up and down the stairs now, as it had gotten to the point where I had to carry her, as her joints would give way previously and she would fall. I have recommended Cushex to a few friends whose dogs have either exhibited the signs… or been diagnosed… already. I have also recommended your website and products to another friend whose cat was diagnosed… So far, everyone… humans and pets alike, are thriving on your products. There are many advantages to going through a more natural product… plus it was delightful that we received our orders within a week of placing the order. Since we are in Canada… we thought it would take forever to clear the border but it didn’t. Thanks so much.” — Melanie S., Canada

“My little Jack Russell Terrier was diagnosed… late last year and passed away in February 2009. Unfortunately he was diagnosed late but despite my initial skepticism I started giving him the Cushex Drops in early November '08 and they made a tremendous difference in his quality of life. He regained a lot of his energy and stopped sleeping so much and actually enjoyed playing with his toys again. He was almost like a young puppy again. His last few months were pretty happy ones and I just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I just wish I had known about them earlier. It was great to know there was an inexpensive and effective remedy as an alternative… I would certainly recommend them to anyone whose dog is going through this… And I would recommend trying them.” — Hanuman D., Ontario, Canada

“We have a 14 year old miniature Schnauzer who started drinking excessive amounts of water, and then couldn't make it outside in time to relieve herself. Due to her age, we didn't want to put her through testing, so I searched the internet and found [Cushex Drops]. They started to work within days, and now she can sleep all night, and hardly has an accident. These drops have been a life saver! Thank you so much!” — Marlys, MN, USA

“I want to thank you for providing Cushex Drops for dogs. Our Sheltie was declining and suffering until we started her with the drops. Her vet was amazed and said that we should continue her on the drops.. Thank you for helping our dog live a better life.” — Dollie S., CA, USA

“I ordered the Cushex Drops for our dog Tinto… he was always panting –drank too much water and could not hold his urine. He was always looking for food to steal. He lost most of his fur… as well as being very overweight. Since giving him the Cushex, his fur appears to be growing back… he has lost weight –his fat… belly has gotten smaller — he doesn't pant anywhere near as much –drinks normally and can hold his urine. Added to this, he astonished us by jumping up on a chair for the first time in years! He is a much happier dog. Thank you!” — Suzie H., Bermuda

“When my toy poodle Gizmo was diagnosed… I work with a holistic vet in Florida, but I also got on the internet and found Cushex Drops. Amazingly, 3 years later, Gizmo is doing fine. My regular vet no longer makes fun of my “fairy dust” approach to treating my pets… he is holding his own and not getting worse. In fact, the vet told me to keep doing what I am doing because it is working. Thank you for this wonderful product.” — Barbara M., MA, USA

“Before we realized our dog had [issues], we just thought he had a thyroid problem. He is an Old English Bulldog, so they tend towards this and other skin issues. My husband and I both prefer natural remedies; and that's when we read about Cushex Drops. We ordered it figuring we'd “give it a try”. Within one week… [his skin problem] was almost completely gone! He started to trim down within a few weeks, he has more energy, his ears no longer have any yeast issues and he's not chewing at his feet and legs NEARLY as much!!! His darkened belly skin has begun to turn pink again after a few months and he's still (slowly) trimming down. I would recommend this product to any pet owner who's pet shows signs… It has done wonders for him.” — Katrina R., MI, USA

Five years ago, my female Jack Russell Terrier, Jaki, started leaking urine.. I went online and found PetAlive and Cushex Drops. I started Jaki on the drops and very quickly her symptoms began to disappear. Jaki is 12 years old, runs and bikes with me every day and is very healthy. I believe that these drops have been the reason for her improved health. If I go away and forget the drops for a few days, I notice a change. For anyone reading this testimonial, it's worth a try. It has worked for Jaki. —Sue D., Canada
We tried your Cushex Drops for our 14 year old Maltese and are very impressed. It is wonderful to find something all-natural and safe that actually works! I have told my vet about your product and how well it works- he can see the difference in our Maltese as well and says that he is going to recommend your product in his practice! —Marlene
I want to say thank you for such a wonderful product. We were pleased to be able to take an alternative route to harsh medications for our 8 yr. old Siberian Husky. She is doing much better after using your product and is much happier. So are we. She is not having such excessive thirst and urination. The small bottle goes a long way. Thank you for helping us help our fur baby. Your extremely fast shipping is great, too. - Becky, FL, USA
My Doberman is 10 yrs old and has always had great hair loss and dandruff. In 2005, I had fat cysts removed and during pre-op they discovered her liver enzymes were off the chart. I took her to an internist who put her in a sling to do an ultra-scan of her liver, which aggravated her aging hips. However, nothing was found so I didn’t think anymore about it until this year, when she never stopped drinking (she would drink all the water non-stop and many times she would bring it all up) and became incontinent. She would get up all through the night to drink. I then had to monitor how much water I gave her at a time because she would drink it all and feverishly lick the bowl dry. Outside of this she appeared healthy. Very active, good appetite, etc… I researched dog supplements online and found your site. Well I have been giving her both Liver Aid and Cushex Drops for 11 days and she has cut way back on drinking. She went 5 nights no wetting… I hope the good results continue… Thank you so much for giving us hope. - Ruth H., SC, USA
After six weeks using these drops, I can see a lot of difference in my 13- year-old dog, Angel. She is panting very little, drinking less water, and has more energy. She had been unable to jump on the couch and had difficult climbing the steps, and just the fact that she can get on the couch amazes me. Thank you so much... - Shirley S., NY, USA
Our 9-year-old Lab, out of the blue, started having accidents in the house. We took him to the vet… Thank God I found your website and products. He has been on the Cushex Drops for quite awhile now and is doing great!! Our vet wanted me to let her know how he did on the drops… I hope she let the other family know about your products... - Adriane, IL, USA
My Dog Kody went from drinking 5 bowls of water a day by himself to only sharing one with our other dog. These drops do work… - Clinton, IL, USA
My 13 yr old Shih Tzu was diagnosed …about a year ago - the vet recommended horrible medication that “could make him worse before better” which I would not consider. I immediately started searching for natural alternatives and found your website, ordered the drops, and started giving them to him 2-3X a day. Last week, for the first time in a year, he started chewing on his bones again. The drops have made a tremendous difference and I am positive they are extending his quality of life -thank you for this natural alternative! - Cathy, USA
I have a 9 year old Sheltie, who was diagnosed … 2 years ago. After spending a small fortune having her diagnosed, the thought of having her go through as described by my vet as “ Very Aggressive Treatment”, I did some research and found your site. Last spring I started Ceilidh on your Cushex Drops...and lately her coat has greatly improved, she has gone from looking to go outside to pee two or three time throughout the night to sleeping throughout the night… which allows me to get a good night’s sleep also. I have noticed such an improvement in her, it is almost unbelievable. The change in her condition has made me a believer in natural remedies... I have since ordered the second shipment of Cushex Drops and will continue to do so, as long as Ceilidh is with us. - Cheryl, Nova Scotia, Canada
“ I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful 10 year old Shar-Pei has been going to the vet and we can’t seem to get anywhere but testing...I gave up and found PetAlive ...CK has been on Cushex Drops for only four days and can’t believe her results… drinking less water and back to playing and climbing stairs…it’s helped her kidneys also. Thank you with all my heart. ”

- Diana, NE, USA

“My four-year old poodle was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes two weeks ago and I was told by my vet that it was caused by too many allergy shots and she might possibly have adrenal issues. Naturally he put her on antibiotics and some other type of liver support medicine that was very expensive. Both of them made her sick and she quit eating. She is supposed to return to the vet in a few days for a re-check to see for sure if she has adrenal issues. I started the LiverAid and Cushex Drops only last night and she has already improved!!! I will not be returning to the vet. I had another poodle a few years ago that had cancer and I treated her myself with natural herbs and I know for sure that she lived longer because of it!! I look forward to using your other products in the future.”

- Kathy, MS, USA

“The drops have been wonderful for my dog. I can see a definite improvement in her skin and coat and her need to go outside is less frequent and she has only had one accident in the house since she started taking the drops. These [Cushex] Drops are a wonderful alternative… [to the option we had] which was very expensive with no guarantees for improvement. I have provided information to my [friends] about your product and I hope they will take the time to learn more about your product.”

- Kathy T., TN, USA

“My Cocker was diagnosed… He has been receiving the [Cushex] Drops for over 6 months and is doing great. Our vet even tested him & was amazed …Thank you for a great product and natural which is the best part. I have recommended your product to several people who have had their pets also diagnosed…”

- Jeanette G., SC, USA

“Thank You! My 16 1/2 Australian Sheppard was diagnosed…[adrenal problems] almost 2 years ago; however, instantly I began treatment with your Cushex Drops & Immunity & Liver Support capsules…I'm happy to say, Daisy Mae, is still with us and it is because of your medicine - Thank You for helping us to maintain our dogs quality of life & health!”

- Chris S., Buffalo, NY

“My 12 year old Husky/Shepherd dog was having problems with urinating a lot and drinking excessive amounts of water. So I took her to the Vet and she has [adrenal problems]. So I tried her on the Cushex Drops, it has made an improvement within a few weeks and she doesn't drink as much water now and she not wetting herself. Thanks PetAlive for giving my dog a healthier approach for maintaining her disease.”

- Susanne B., Ontario, Canada

“My beloved 16yr old Shih Tzu, Mokie was diagnosed…two years ago. The vet put him on a… drug that made him terribly ill and they said he had maybe six months to live. I took him off the… drug because his quality of life was so badly affected. A few weeks later, I found Native Remedies and saw Cushex Drops. I sent for some right away. My Mokie is still with me, he no longer has the fat belly characteristic… he isn't drinking constantly either. I also changed his diet to a raw meat one. He is doing well for his age and I am forever grateful to Native Remedies for Cushex Drops because I credit this medicine with keeping my baby as well as he is.”

- Susan G., MI, USA

“My 10 year old Springer Spaniel was exhibiting unusual constant drinking/eating behaviors, became lethargic, had a distended belly, and her nose was coarse and dry. After two "accidents" on my son's bed, I contacted our vet. Molly did have a [urinary issue], and … Molly is borderline… The vet agreed that we should try Cushex Drops, and to recheck Molly's levels after a month. In that month's time, Molly's abdomen has returned to normal, she is drinking less, there have been no more accidents, and her nose which had gone from brown to black, is regaining it's color. Tests were recently repeated, and her levels have remained the same, so the vet and I agreed to continue the Cushex Drops and keep watching her. I'm hoping that the coming months will bring additional improvements. Molly is an absolute love, and I can't imagine life without her. After reading other testimonials, I am encouraged that we are on the right track for Molly. Other medications are expensive, and have side effects that I didn't want her to suffer. The holistic method seemed the way to go, and since we've had good results without side effects of any kind, I'm grateful to have found Cushex Drops, and recommend them…”

- Cindy, NJ, USA