Flatulence Preventer Testimonials

Natural flatulence remedy promotes healthy digestion to prevent gas and bloating in dogs and cats.

Thank you for providing a quality product that works!! Our Chihuahua was experiencing excessive gas for over six months. I tried numerous remedies and foods. However, nothing was working. It was so hard to believe such a little dog could literally clear a room. It was like a little green cloud followed her around and was especially wonderful when she slipped behind the couch while we were watching TV. Yuk.. She was [also] accustomed to sleeping in our bedroom in her pet bed. [That] doesn't exactly set a romantic mood!”

.This product works.. We now have a functioning household once again.. This dog is a big part of our family. Thank you for these products!!!
—Annette B., PA, USA
Your flatulence remedy has made such a difference. After every meal we would literally have to turf our poor dog outdoors for an hour or two, which made us all unhappy! She used to look very sheepish and sorry for herself. Now we can all relax after meals and the ozone layer is safe once more! —Zuni
This product definitely works! I wouldn't have believed it without seeing the difference. Your remedy makes her more comfortable after food and we can give her a bigger variety than before. It looks like we found the product we needed after so many years and so much expense - a simple natural remedy!" —Ziggy
With the Flatulence Preventer and a change in diet recommended by your staff, we have a happy dog after meals again (and the family!) With age he has become more and more 'smelly' and this remedy has made a tremendous difference. We give him three doses a day, including one just before food and then one after his meal - which seems to do the trick! —Fred
“My poor little guy had gas so bad that when he coughed or moved he would have gas and embarrass himself. It was always a rough night and even a rough day with him. After four treatments of this [Flatulence Preventer] he doesn't have the gas and seems more rested and happy. Thank you so much. I had combined this with KC-Defense. He had been a rescue Yorkie and that breed constantly can cough. What miracle products you have. Last night was the first night we have slept all the way through the night without his hacking. He developed his cough several years after we rescued him and had been to the vet many times for several rounds of antibiotics and expensive tests. One day and night of use of these two products and he slept soundly. Thank you so much.” —Fred