Problem Pet Solution Testimonials

Natural remedy to stop common bad cat and dog behavior problems like barking, biting and digging.

We had really come to our wits' end with our dog! She was a puppy we found at the shelter and for two years …we tried everything. After some research, we came up with your website and how glad we are that we did! We use the Problem Pet Solution regularly and it helps ...without changing her happy personality —Dana
…Thank goodness for your remedy! —Felicity B.
If you have seen the cartoons of cats …then you have seen my Siamese cat. He behaves like a toy that you wind up in the morning and goes goes goes till he falls asleep at night (which doesn't last long!) …Your remedy seems to have made him more passive, and even affectionate, at last. It is almost as if he is also breathing a sigh of relief because he can relax for the first time. Yesterday I found him napping in the sun, which I have never seen before. I am very impressed with this remedy.. —D.F.