DetoxPlus Testimonials

Herbal detox remedy to support natural toxin removal for overall liver health in cats and dogs.

What a fantastic product!!!! I noticed a difference after the first use in my 15-year-old cat. His energy levels were up. His fur looked glossier. I would recommend this product for everyone's pet. They need detoxing too!! —Maria, Canada
I can't believe it!!!! I started my 2-yr. old German Shepherd on Parasite Dr. with Detox [Plus] (for 1st month) in May when we got her… Instead of the conventional [way] we decided to give this a try… I believed it would work eventually but in 4 months?! I HIGHLY recommend Parasite Dr. —Lela P., FL, USA
Your DetoxPlus capsules have been marvelous for my Golden Retriever who has been… preferring to eat our food than hers! As my husband does not always follow a healthy diet, you can understand that she was eating many things that both dogs and people should not!!!! Your Detox Drops for people have helped me, and so I thought I would try them from your PetAlive Web site. I have been very happy with the results. Now... my husband???? —Freda
Thanks for your advice about the DetoxPlus capsules. They have helped my beautiful Persian and she has much more energy again. Like I said, I promise to give her no more chocolate! Oh dear! —Lilly R.
I can recommend your DetoxPlus caps for anyone’s pet. I have tried it for both my dogs and it has been great!...Thanks to all of you who help me when I phone or e-mail! You are such a blessing to me and my family (including the furry ones!!!!) —Rhoda.