OralHealth Mouth Spray Testimonials

Natural oral breath spray to support oral health and freshen your cat or dog's breath.

I have been using the PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray on my.Dachshund for just over a week now with some pretty dramatic results. I had been using a mainstream brand of chewy treats from the grocery store to keep his teeth, gums, [and] breath in check. However, he is overweight, and I.m concerned about all the calories and chemicals in the chewy treats. The PetAlive OralHealth Mouth Spray almost instantly helped his breath, which had been increasingly unpleasant during the past several years. I firmly believe that continued use of this mouth spray will [support] his overall oral health in the future. Now, it.s even nicer to get kisses from my favorite little guy (Wesley) when we wake up in the morning. Thank you to the kind, caring folks at PetAlive! —Stefanie H., FL, USA
[This is a] very useful product. Our pet's mouth is so important to [his] overall health. It has made a big difference in my cat. He fusses with me, but he gives lots of licks afterwards.. —Maria, Canada
We love our two Cocker Spaniels . Daisy and Duke. They are the lights of our lives, but boy . what stinky breath! I have always meant to brush their teeth regularly, but it’s such a production. Thank you for a great product that not only encourages mouth health, but also helps with the breath fumes! —Kimberly and Nathan, OH, USA
Our kids just love giving our cats a spritz or two - and our cats seem to love it! Thanks for a natural product for our pets. —The Francis Family
My owners used to complain about my breath. I was ashamed of my stinky mouth, but it was hard to keep it clean with all the doggie treats and pet food! I never liked my teeth being brushed and used to run and hide behind our old sofa. Now I love getting a spray in the morning, and both my owners are very happy! —Rufus the Daschund (assisted by Beulah)