Kidney Support Testimonials

Natural remedy for kidney support to help maintain urinary tract health in cats and dogs.

Mr. T, my feline love,.is a very senior citizen. He is on Kidney Support and Digestive Support., doing great and is sometimes playing like a kitten.. —Dr.Ganz, USA
I bought the Kidney Support and I found it excellent…. I had no hope and I said I’ll give [it] the last chance. Then I have started this [and my dog’s] health improved a lot. Thanks to you; keep it up. —Karen
I love Kidney Support. It has shown great improvement in my cat… I couldn't believe how fast this product worked. Give this product a try! —Maria, Canada
My 13 yr old dog Alfred was suffering… the vet said there was nothing to do but keep him comfortable. I found your product [Kidney Support] and the only thing I can believe is that it has helped him immensely. He is now trotting around the neighborhood and feeling so much better. Prior to that he would not eat much, or move much off the couch. Thanks so much. —Carol, CA, USA
We wanted to support (our Labrador’s) organs in a natural way, so we used Kidney Support to help his body in its task to remove any unwanted toxins, and cleanse the system naturally . Thank you for creating remedies that are not synthetic! —Heather M
Just a quick shout out to let you know that this product has helped our two terriers immensely . keep up the great work!!! —The Tomlinson’s
Our young cat Alfonso needed support for his kidneys, and our vet (who has a keen interest in natural remedies) recommended Kidney Support. Alfonso is doing great, and I am so relieved to know that using a natural product means that we are not harming his body! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. —Rita
We have a neighbor who uses your FCV-Protect product and she said we should look on your site for a remedy. We chose this product, (Kidney Support) and we are glad to say that our dog is doing very well! Thank you very much! —David