Skin and Coat Tonic Testimonials

Natural remedy for cats and dogs to help support healthy skin and shiny coats.

I bought this for my almost 2-year-old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. His skin was flaky, and he would get little bumps in many places constantly.. Two weeks on the Skin and Coat Tonic and problem solved!! Thank you for providing alternative natural solutions. —Esther T., DC, USA
I'm very pleased with this product. My cat has had some issues with matting, but with a few adjustments in his diet and this product, his fur looks great. My vet has even commented and said most older pets do show wear and tear, but he's looking better as he's getting older. I know this product has been instrumental in that. Thanks, PetAlive!!! —Maria, Canada
I just want to let you know how the products are working. I have bought EaseSure in the past and when the first bottle was finished never replaced it. I bought it now again and will never forget to buy it again in future… With the C-Caps we also had success... I will not stop giving it to [my dog]. He is already 14 years old and this medicine helps him to cope better in old age. He is definitely more alive and will even chase the other two younger dogs around if he feels like it. The Skin and Coat Tonic was for the 2 other dogs. The one was adopted at the end of April from a dog shelter. All three dogs are eating food bought from the vet... I think the Skin and Coat Tonic, together with the better food and an oil supplement, helped for the skin. They hardly scratch any more but I will keep an eye on that. Thank you for your wonderful products, I will continue using them! —Letitia K., South Africa
We really want to thank you for a great product which works well to bring the shine back to our cat's fur and also helps her in other healthy ways. We will certainly follow your advice and use the capsules every few months as a 'top up' to keep her in top health. —Zelda and Mick.
I can recommend your products to anyone who wants a healthy alternative for their animal. I had given up on the 'natural remedies' that I wasted my money on so many times, but I have never ever come away from your products feeling disappointed. My latest purchase of your Skin and Coat Tonic also lived up to your great reputation and I have recommended you to many of my fellow animal lovers who are just as happy. Thank you! —Yael R.
A combination of Skin and Coat Tonic and the LiverAid has made a huge difference to the overall condition of my husky. I am trying the Flatulence Preventer next! Thank you for your help and speedy advice in my times of need! I am recommending your Web site to all of my friends! —Lynda K.
“My dog is a Golden Retriever and for years we had a big problem with his skin; it was dark, he scratched a lot and it smelled bad. Every doctor in Mexico told me that he didn´t have allergy problems and that he had another problem which had no cure. I didn´t believe them and searched the internet for a solution. I found Skin and Coat Tonic and the one word I can use to describe this product is "WOW!" From the second week I gave my dog this product all the problems he had went away. He looks great and feels great.” —David G., Monterrey, Mexico
“I just have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My Spanky stopped his itching… now I can let his hair grow long and he is just beautiful with his new and healthy skin. Now Spanky and I can finally get some sleep! Thank You! (P.S. Spanky thanks you too)” —David G., Monterrey, Mexico