EasyTravel Solution Testimonials

Natural remedy for relief of nausea to prevent air or car sickness in cats and dogs when traveling.

“We love to be able to bring our dog along when we travel, but it was always very difficult and messy with her motion sickness. I finally gave in and requested medication from the vet, which had undesirable side effects (drooling, drowsiness) and the pill was difficult to administer to our smart and suspicious girl. So I searched the internet for a natural alternative and came across a testimonial for this site. Not only are the [Easy Travel Solution] granules easy to use, but it stops her motion sickness and we are all happier and relaxed traveling together!! Thank you for this product!!” — Teneil, Canada
Easy Travel Solution worked with our two Pomeranians that would get carsick to and back on car rides, even just down to town. They would take turns [getting sick]. We have used this product now for five car rides with both dogs. We own six dogs and they were the only ones that got car sickness… Nothing worked that we have tried… sedatives (which we did not like using) keeping meals for after the car trip; nothing worked. Easy Travel really worked [and]…our dogs don't mind taking the pinch of Easy Travel. Now we can look forward to taking all six to the parks. Thank you for having a product that works! It's so nice not to have to clean up the two travel crates. My husband said, ‘Make sure I stock up so we can enjoy the fall rides soon.’ Thanks!” — Ruth, WA, USA
“This stuff really works. Our 10 month old puppy got sick every trip we took in the car. We tried everything but [EasyTravel Solution] is the only thing that helps. Thank you so much!” — Frank, GA, USA
On the advice of my therapist I bought a puppy to help me feel better after my husband died. One of the goals was for me to walk on the beach and get some exercise, but the poor little thing just hated the car and the journeys became a trial for both of us-- not to mention that my car was starting to smell like a hospital, which brought back terrible memories for me. I felt ready to give up when I tried for one last time to drive to the sea after giving the little one a dose of your EasyTravel Solution remedy. To be honest I didn't much expect it to work, but it did! I am amazed to say that we have not had one single problem since, and enjoy our walk every day! —F.J.
EasyTravel Solution helps our dogs to stop that dreadful dribbling in the car. They also seem much more settled than they used to be when traveling. Thanks for a very effective remedy, which is truly easy to administer, as you say —Sylvia P.
My vet referred us to your remedy for the car, which has been very effective for my cat. Thanks for your great service! It is always a pleasure to deal with your staff! —Neville K.
“I gave my puppy the [EasyTravel] granules 15 minutes before car travelling and it really calmed him down. He loves the car now. It took about three months before I didn't have to use the granules anymore. My vet recommended it.” — Cathy, Ontario, Canada
“[The] product arrived one day before travel, used on a trip to boarding while we were vacationing and on return trip home. IT WORKED! Scamp was very happy and so were his humans. Thank you. I gave the information to his vet.” — Carol Ann, USA