EQuine Horse Calm Testimonials

Herbal supplement used as a natural calming agent to relax spooked horses in rings and new areas.

“I have a 6 year old gelding that I recently purchased. He had been rescued from abuse and neglect by another horse enthusiast. He had loving soft eyes and a desire to please, but he could not get the fears out of his mind that kept him from fully accepting the love of people who were trying to help him. I seen the product on the computer for homeopathic herbal remedies called Equine Horse Calm. I tried some with him and could see a huge difference the first time. He loves the taste and really relaxes right away. I love this product and would recommend it to any horse enthusiast trying to work with a horse with issues. — Angel, WA, United States

"It is such a pleasure to finally see my filly, Calico, settling in. She was not used to the new stable after we renovated it, and was very nervous. After a few doses of [EQuine Horse Calm], she was placid without looking drugged. Thank you for something natural that works!" —Josslyn

"… [EQuine Horse Calm] is just great. I was in a riding accident with my stallion last year. Ever since, he has been skittish and lost his confidence. This remedy did the trick, and he is a lot calmer now and not so afraid of everything…. Now I just need something for me!!" —Ellen, Morongo Valley

"I run a riding school for children. When we introduce a new horse to our group, they often get shy and nervous with the other horses. We cannot afford for our horses to be timid when they have to have children ride them throughout the day. I heard about EQuine Horse Calm and decided to keep some on hand. It has worked miracles . and has become a staple part of my care program." -Kimberly

"We have been riding in competition for years. This year my son’s horse was a little nervous before the competition. After a dose of horse calm, his horse seemed so much more relaxed and was still sharp enough to ride well. We have all decided to use it on our horses too!" - The Laughlan Family