FCV Protect Testimonials

Natural calicivirus remedy for cat flu symptoms; feline sneezing, fever, congestion and watery eyes.

"We have 4 indoor cats and one of them has terrible allergies. About a month ago he was sneezing as much as 30 sneezes per episode several times a day. He was so exhausted from all this he slept all the time. I saw the FCV Protect advertised after doing a search on the internet about cat sneezing. I am so glad that I ordered the 3 bottles that were on special at the time. We started using the product on all 4 cats when we received it. We got a bonus by doing this. The poor sneezing cat quit sneezing in just a few days and the calico female that always throws up her food in less than a minute after eating, quit throwing up! How marvelous. We were having trouble getting the granules in their mouth and gave up that quickly...so when I feed them I just sprinkle a little bit on all their dry food and they get some of the medicine several times a day. I am so thankful for this product. It helped all the cats and 2 with acute problems. I will continue to keep this on hand." — Deborah S., IN, USA
"My cat Alaska just had six kittens. I was worried about their susceptibility to illness, seeing as they were so young and fragile. I found this product on your site, and even my vet thought it was great that they are all going strong . THANK YOU." — Linda
"Our seven-year-old tabby is pregnant. Last week she began sneezing, and we could tell she was incredibly congested and blocked. My wife and I were very worried . we didn’t want to give her [anything] because she was carrying kittens. We were told about your product and gave her a dose right away. I am so glad to report that she is doing fine now! No more sniffles and she has a sparkle in her eye! Many thanks indeed. " — Kent
"We found three kittens in an abandoned well near our house. Our kids would not part with them, but we could tell they were run-down and not in a good state. They were hardly eating, and didn’t look like they were developing properly. We decided to try and get them strong again . my wife is a part-time receptionist at a veterinary practice, and she saw this product recommended to help a cat’s immune system. All three kittens (Spike, Clarence and Fluffy) are doing well. Thank you from our whole family (including the furry members)!" — Andy and Sue
"Just wonderful. I am a cat lover and constantly adopt new kittens and strays. First thing I do when I get a new addition is open my medicine cabinet and reach for this stuff!" — Sheree