Natural Moves for Pets Testimonials

Natural remedy to support healthy cat and dog digestion, normal bowel movements, and soft stools.

“Your product Natural Moves for Pets has greatly enhanced the quality of life for my elder kitty. I can hardly believe how much of a difference this product has made in my Himalayan blue point Persian, Birdie, who will turn 18 in a few months. I'm confident now that she'll make that birthday, because since I've been giving her a little less than half a capsule (2 times a day) of Natural Moves, she's been a lot happier. This product helped her constipation and she is obviously a lot more comfortable — she acts as though she's back to her old self again. The product mixes well with her wet food, and for a most discerning kitty, she doesn't seem to notice the taste one bit. My only big regret is that I didn't buy it sooner for her and that she suffered when I hesitated to buy it (I hate to say how long). I am just really skeptical about buying things over the internet, and was worried that this might be just some homeopathic gimmick. I finally caved in and bought it when I had tried other [things]… [I was told] that the cat would not probably live longer than a month. That was almost a year ago, and she acts a lot healthier now that she is taking Natural Moves. I was also impressed at how fast it shipped and the overall affordability… I wish all medicine was that cheap! Thank you for being a good, natural remedy provider!” — Lynea, KS, USA
A combination of Natural Moves for Pets and a daily walk has completely [helped]... my dog… I only wish that I knew it was so simple, as I would have done this long ago. She is like a young dog again and I must say the walks are doing me good as well!!!! —Thelma F.
Your help has been great and the [Natural Moves for Pets] capsules... have done their job as you said that they would! —Drew
Thank you for all the work you are doing to supply natural herbs and medicines for our pets. From now on, your website will be my first port of call…The Natural Moves for Pets capsules worked very well for my dog and …we used them for one week only more then a month ago. You definitely have my vote! —Vincent