Heart and Circulation Tonic Testimonials

Natural remedy to help promote a healthy heart and circulatory system in cats and dogs.

My toy poodle was diagnosed… in 2008 and has been taking [medication] since then. In December 2010, our vet was very concerned about the condition of my dog's lungs. The amounts of the prescriptions have to be carefully balanced, as my dog is 19-years-old. Increasing one or both was out of the question. Since the vet has no problems with using homeopathic remedies, I searched until I found Native Remedies. The Heart and Circulation Tonic seemed like the answer so I ordered it and prayed that it would arrive before the decision had to be made. My dog's condition has improved so much! His lungs are clearer now and sound great. His energy level is higher as well. I am convinced that this formulation has improved my dog's health and quality of life. Unless other factors come into play, we will be celebrating his 20th birthday in March 2011. Thank you Native Remedies! —Debbie P., CA, USA
We have always believed in treating ourselves with natural remedies. Our vet agreed to let us try SlenderPet and the Heart and Circulation Tonic for a trial period along with a change in diet, which we haven't been very good about in the past. After two months, we are all very happy with the improvement in all round health and we have a much happier dog again, who is also looking slimmer and more healthier thanks to your remedies and our patient, understanding vet! Thank you for a wonderful Web site! —Cheryl Thomas.
Web site for people's remedies, and the Heart and Circulation Tonic has not disappointed. It is very reassuring to know that I can e-mail and ask for advice from people who answer quickly and with compassion and patience - unlike so many other Web sites we have tried in the past. Thank you for all you help and patience! —Sara R
For the first time I have been able to give my cat remedies without getting scratched! I really don't know why more remedies for animals, especially cats, are not made in this way. It is so easy to just open her mouth and sprinkle in the granules without fighting and having to push things down her throat. After using your Heart and Circulation Tonic granules so successfully we are going to also try PetCalm as well. Your products are very effective and arrive quickly after ordering —Simon
“My eldest of our three dogs, Imogene, developed a heart murmur several years ago. When it got worse her doctor recommended a cardiac work-up. The results were all perfectly normal, except the x-ray...her heart was the size of her chest cavity! I immediately searched a natural support to help her the best I could. Three years later she is still enjoying her quality of life and except for the expected slow down from being 12 years old, she is amazing! I truly feel the Heart and Circulation Tonic has been a major factor in helping her heart function the best it can under the circumstances. Thank you so much.” —Rita, USA
“Our Maltipoo went for a checkup at the vet’s office… We found out our little guy had a heart condition, and was told to be on … medicine, and if given too much could be fatal. I was worried, and felt nervous when administering this… I did some research and found the Heart and Circulation Tonic, and gave it to my little guy everyday. It has been about 2 years, and he went to the vet a few months ago. Dr. listened to his heart, didn't say anything. I finally had to ask how did his heart sound. The Dr. said, "sounds strong." I smiled from ear to ear. I said, "Do you remember his heart [issue]?" He was shocked, and I told him about the herbal remedy. He said it could be that or maybe he outgrew it. I believe the product worked on my Brighton, and I thank you so very much for helping my baby regain a healthy heart!” —Angela B., OH, USA