Pancreas Booster Testimonials

Natural pancreas remedy to help support pancreatic sufficiency and digestive health in cats and dogs.

"My 16-year-old kitty, Tiggy, [had a problem]. I.started him on.LiverAid and Pancreas Booster twice a day and low-fat.[cat] food. He acts like a kitten.playing and racing around the house and up and down the stairs. Prior to this., he couldn't walk up the stairs because of pain in his abdomen. I pray these products are never discontinued!" —Colleen C., Canada

"I'm so grateful for this product. My cat Spenser was diagnosed with a pancreatic condition last year and my former vet said that the science just isn't there yet to treat it. He said they sometimes get well on their own and if was going to happen, it might take as long as six months. We tested him after six months… I switched vets and he told me to give him [over the counter medication] for 30 days and we'd test again. I gave him the [medication] for a week and decided I wanted a natural product so I went on the internet and found a product that worked to control insulin levels and bought that because I thought that would be good for a pancreatic condition as well. When I brought him in for testing 30 days later… My new vet explained that the insulin-related product was the wrong thing to give him. I immediately bought Pancreas Booster and started giving him that. Spenser was tested three days ago and I just got the good news today… My vet said to stay with the Pancreas Booster and we'll check again in 3 months. He also said that Spenser will probably have to be on it for the rest of his life -- he's fourteen." —Carol B., USA

"The best thing I can say about [Pancreas Booster] is that I pray it is NEVER discontinued... in short, my dog is still here today because I found this product!! When diagnosed… they gave him 6-8 months. Through changing to a home cooked diet, I was able to get him through a year but even that was at times a struggle for him. That's when I found this product. And now just about a year later, he is thriving and back on a high-end commercial diet (which they told me would never happen) and even his VET is amazed! Thank you PetAlive!!!" —Diann, NH, USA

"Our dog Gus has been dealing with [pancreatic health issues] for years now… We are finishing up our first bottle of the Pancreas Booster and we have seen great improvement overall. His poop is firm, he's eating and drinking well... I would highly recommend this product." —Angela K., CA, USA

"[Pancreas Booster is] a great product that we use regularly for our animals. Thanks for great service too." —Brian

"My wife and I were so worried about our dog, Ginger. He was losing a lot of weight and had very loose, foul smelling stools. We suspected something wasn’t right and took him to our vet, who said that it was his digestive enzymes. Thanks to [Pancreas Booster], we found this product, and he is doing great." —Alan

"… We were devastated to hear the news from our vet. We wanted to support her digestive system by helping her pancreas... Our vet was happy to let us try natural options, thank you for this product." —Debby