PupTeeth Testimonials

Natural remedy to soothe teeth and gums during the normal process of kitten and puppy teething.

We adopted the tiniest, most adorable and happy-go-lucky little kitten several weeks ago, and everything went well until she began teething. She was miserable and crying all the time …Your PupTeeth Granules really solved the problem though- within minutes of giving her this remedy she… seemed far more comfortable. We have used the granules regularly since then and they have really been wonderful! It’s great to see her playing happily again. —Carly
PupTeeth Granules has saved our worldly possessions from our teething puppy and his sharp, gnawing teeth. After he had chewed the spine of every single book on the bottom shelf of the book case, I decided it was time to do something! We found your pets’ teething granules online and they have been super! No more chewing in the middle of the night! Thank you! —Dina