SlenderPet Testimonials

Natural pet remedy to support canine and feline diets and promote a healthy weight in cats and dogs.

“I want to thank you all for your service--always kind, quick and informative and the blessing of the allowing return system…My dog Lily appreciates the remedies. I think the SlenderPet has been most helpful in helping her weight…. This and the Immunity and Liver are my favorites…Please accept my sincere thanks to all the "gang" for being there” — Mary Anne R.
“I have used SlenderPet on my Lab mix since January of this year and am ecstatic to report that she has lost 20lbs so far and is almost at her ideal weight. She has a thyroid problem and no matter what the vet and I tried, her weight would not budge. She is swift on her feet again, even though she is 7 years old… Thank you so much for your wonderful product.” — Renate S., WA, USA
I have a chocolate Labrador who loves to eat - ANYTHING!!! She was waddling around like a duck everywhere she went. My vet told me to 'harden my heart' and change her diet and she had to go for a run every day. To be honest, the same could be said for me, so I decided to join her! It was the EcoSlim Drops for me and SlenderPet for her, and we are both looking much healthier. We have our run everyday and we are eating well, but no more junk for me and my 'Lady'! —Mal.
I wanted to write and thank you for recommending SlenderPet for my cat. Along with the dietary changes you suggested, she has never looked better, and is also far more active than she used to be. She used to sleep all day and all night and never show an interest in anything. I thought she was just lazy, but she is now behaving almost like a kitten again! —Regina L.
Thanks to you and your wonderful team for the kind help and advice which have assisted me to find something that works for my pets. I have two dogs- one is big, and one is normal- but they eat the same, yet the one is always hungry for more! I used SlenderPet and then your Parasite Dr. remedy, and my dog is not stealing food from his sister anymore, and is proving to be very effective... —Gabby R.