Thyro-Pet Testimonials

Herbal thyroid support remedy for cats and dogs to promote healthy canine and feline TSH levels.

“My 10-year-old Lab was losing weight, and his coat was dull and dry.. [My vet] recommended Thyro-Pet and what a difference it has made. My dog put on some much-needed weight, and his coat is shiny and healthy.. I highly recommend [this product]!!!” — Tara, NC, USA
“I am so grateful that I found this stuff. My 12-year-old cat needed thyroid support, she was bloated and just gained.weight. Even though she was eating her regular amount, she was continuing to gain weight. She was so uncomfortable in her own skin that she pulled all the fur off her tummy, legs, and tail.. I searched for another remedy and was leery when I found Thyro-Pet. I thought it was a little expensive for trying out yet another remedy, but I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. Within a few short weeks, my cat had already started to look and feel better. She had more energy, was not so grouchy, and best of all, her bloating went down. She continued to lose weight at a safe pace over the next few months. Now she has been consistently on it twice a day, and she is back to [being] a normal, healthy cat. I recommend this product without any hesitation!” — Danielle T., CA, USA
“My golden retriever gained about 18 lbs. I gave him 12 drops of Thyro-Pet in his food twice a day and about 2 months later he is better and has lost 5 lbs!!!” — Maria, OR, USA
“I have a 16 year old cat with issues; the meds are super expensive because I have to have it compounded (can't get a pill down this cat) [and] the vet wouldn't refill the meds without a visit that I simply cannot afford right now so I thought I would try [Thyro-Pet] to see if it helped. In less than two weeks using this she has gained weight - very noticeably so - her coat is getting shiny again and she is much less "meowy" than before. I can see she feels much better. I'm really amazed at the difference this supplement has made in my old gal!” — Danielle G., FL, USA
“My Burmese cat, Pepsi, was diagnosed… We had to carry her to the kitty litter and to eat. Then she would retreat behind my desk. We gave her one week to live and then were going to put her to sleep. I had searched the net for help and found your website. When the Thyro-Pet arrived we were desperate. Now two months later she is playing, has gained weight and is back to her normal self. We are thrilled to say the least.” — Margo A., B.C., Canada
Both my dog’s vet and I are very impressed with your product Thyro-Pet, which has helped support my dog’s thyroid functioning... Many thanks- I am thrilled to have my pet on an all-natural regimen. —Heather
…We will be stocking up on this excellent product that has improved our pet’s quality of life so much! —Shona
The results that my dog Sundae, an 8 yr. old female Chow Chow, have experience are simply amazing. A month ago, she had no hair on her back, sides, and tail. After three weeks of giving her Thyro-Pet, the hair growth is unbelievable. Her tail is almost completely covered and the hair is returning to her sides and back. I took her to the vet today and he could not believe that there is a natural formula that has worked wonders on this dog…Thyro-Pet is really helping her. - Dr. J., USA
My 3 year old cattle dog/lab mix's …thyroid issue left him wacky and without an appetite, I decided to seek out an all natural way. 6 weeks of being on Thyro-Pet has supported his thyroid function and he has lost 3 pounds without any side effects! My vet was excited to hear this news (as was I) and she's interested in learning more about this product. - Sarah S., CO, USA
Thank you so very much for this wonderful supplement!!!  For the last 8 months this product has given our dear baby (16yrs) the highest and fullest quality of life!  She is wonderful thanks to you! - Anonymous