ProsPet Drops Testimonials

Natural remedy to support dog prostate health and urinary health.

“My 10-year-old dog stopped urinating on his own.. My sister came across your website, and I ordered the ProsPet Drops and my dog has been urinating regularly. Not only that, he has renewed energy and seems happier than ever.? This product saved his life.. Thank you so much!!” — Brooke P., NC, USA
ProsPet Drops saved my mother's dog. Last December, she called me in tears to tell me that her beloved 9-year old Pekingese dog apparently had a prostate [issue]… The poor baby couldn't defecate properly and was so miserable, he couldn't eat and lost a lot of weight. My mom didn't think he would make it past Christmas. Well, I went online and I came upon your website, ordered ProsPet Drops, and my mom started using them immediately. Within A WEEK the dog improved, and he kept getting better every day: defecating properly, eating, gaining weight, running around and playing like a puppy! Well, it's now July and he's better than ever, happy and healthy. The vet saw him last month and said that he “didn't believe in that naturopathic stuff”, but that whatever my mom was doing, was working… The vet was truly astounded. We are just grateful that we have our dog back. A million thanks!!” — Irma, FL, USA
Your ProsPet Drops really worked wonders for my dear Great Dane, and I wanted to let you know how relieved I am...Within several days of starting him on ProsPet Drops, his bowel movements seemed to be more comfortable, and now 5 weeks later, he is his normal, energetic self again. We were so happy to find a natural solution… Thank you! —Sandra F
Dear PetAlive Team… We used your ProsPet Drops for (our Labrador) and he is so much better! Our vet cannot believe what a difference this formula has made and she is as impressed as we are! I love your website and have found several of your products invaluable in keeping my pets healthy… —Tyla
“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your commitment to keeping our pets healthy, naturally. My eight-year old Great Dane, Merlin, was diagnosed with benign prostate enlargement and after a round of costly and potent antibotics it wasrecommended that I castrate him. This was a decision that I was against and began to research via the internet alternative methods of treatment. I came across your website and out of desperation quickly ordered the ProsPet Drops. It arrived as promised and I began his treatment the day that I received it. Tearfully, we administered his first dosage, not expecting any hope for his painful condition as he had not eaten or had a successful substantial bowel movement in three days. Within two days he was showing improvement getting up and walking without appeared pain. Within three days he had defecated and his appetite improved. I mixed the tonic in chicken baby food, steamed rice, and dog food and he ate it without rejection. By one week, he was his normal happy, hoppy, playful self.. He was my "Puppy"again, without harmful drugs or castration! Now, two and a half weeks later, he is eating and defecating without issue; playing, running, and getting up and down without pain! How can I thank you for such a miracle product? I honestly did not think that it would work so well, but boy am I glad I was wrong! I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who has a male dog with prostate issues!” —Kelly T., AZ, USA
“My 13 year old sheltie had an enlarged prostate and the vet tried everything but nothing worked to keep his prostate shrunk. He put him on prednisone but you can't give that to them forever. So I got on the internet and found the ProsPet Drops and gave it a try. Within a week I saw no more drops of urine where he had slept and I could tell he felt much better. This product worked for my dog when nothing else did. It may not work for every dog but it definitely worked for Rocky” —Jan, USA