Sleep UltraPack for Kids

Homeopathic medicine Bad Dream Sprinkles™ for symptoms of bad dreams in children + Homeopathic medicine Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™ for sleeplessness + Herbal supplement Serenite Jr.™ for healthy sleep patterns in children

Sleep UltraPack for Kids™ - Bad Dream Sprinkles™ + Serenite Jr.™ + Triple Complex Sleep Tonic™

Sleep UltraPack for Kids

Price: $64.95


Bad Dream Sprinkles (1 bottle) temporarily:

  • Relieves bedtime fear and insecurity
  • Promotes healthy sleep patterns

Triple Complex Sleep Tonic (1 bottle) temporarily:

  • Relieves sleeplessness
  • Helps to balance the hormones involved in sleep patterns

Serenite Jr. (1 bottle):

  • Helps settle occasional nighttime restlessness and fussiness
  • Non-addictive and easy-to-administer
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