Digestive Health UltraPack

Homeopathic medicine Triple Complex Digestion Tonic™ for symptoms of digestive discomfort + Herbal supplement DigestAssist™ for digestive comfort after meals + Herbal supplement Gastronic Dr.™ for promoting healthy digestion

Digestive Health UltraPack™ - DigestAssist™ + Triple Complex Digestion Tonic™ + Gastronic Dr.™

Digestive Health UltraPack

Price: $90.95


Triple Complex Digestion Tonic (1 bottle) temporarily:

  • Relieves discomfort during digestion
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism

DigestAssist (1 bottle):

  • Supports digestive comfort after meals
  • Provides on-the-spot support for healthy digestion

Gastronic Dr. (1 bottle):

  • Supports healthy levels of normal microorganisms, yeast and bacteria in the colon and entire digestive tract
  • Promotes healthy levels of digestive acids in the stomach
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