Mood UltraPack for Adults

Homeopathic medicine Melancholy Lift™ for melancholy, sadness, grief, and weepiness + Homeopathic medicine Triple Complex Mood Tonic™ for symptoms of poor mood such as irritability and sadness + Herbal supplement MindSoothe™ for a balanced mood

Mood UltraPack for Adults™ - MindSoothe™ + Melancholy Lift™ + Triple Complex Mood Tonic™

Mood UltraPack for Adults

Price: $63.95


Melancholy Lift (1 bottle) temporarily:

  • Reduces quiet moods and somber demeanor
  • Relieves weepiness and episodes of tears

Triple Complex Mood Tonic (1 bottle) temporarily:

  • Reduces irritability and moodiness
  • Maintains normal serotonin levels within the healthy range

MindSoothe (1 bottle):

  • Lessens common feelings of the blues
  • Maintains a well-adjusted outlook and positive temperament
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