Focus & Mood UltraPack for Kids

Herbal supplement PureCalm™ for a calmed mood + Herbal supplement Focus Formula™ for mental focus + Herbal supplement MindSoothe Jr.™ for emotional wellness and a balanced mood in children

Focus & Mood UltraPack for Kids™ - PureCalm™ +  Focus Formula™ +  MindSoothe Jr.™

Focus & Mood UltraPack for Kids

Price: $103.95


PureCalm (1 bottle):

  • Helps maintain balanced emotions during everyday pressure, stress and common nervous tension
  • Supports healthy feelings of well-being

Focus Formula (1 bottle):

  • Supports concentration and attention in all ages
  • Promotes healthy attention spans to stay on task

MindSoothe Jr. (1 bottle):

  • Helps maintain emotional balance and stability in children
  • Supports feelings of emotional wellness and healthy self esteem
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