Tic Tamer

Homeopathic medicine for symptoms of involuntary nervous tics in children and adults

Tic Tamer™ - Remedy for Symptoms of Involuntary Nervous Tics

Tic Tamer™

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Trying to control involuntary tics, jerking and muscle spasms can interfere with daily life, impacting both emotional and physical well-being. To help restore calm in the body, Tic Tamer is the answer, as it supports the nervous system and brain. Available in a convenient tincture form, this tics natural remedy is easy to take and safe for all ages, without the risk of side effects.

Uses: Temporarily relieves symptoms of involuntary nervous tics, including

  • Involuntary nervous tics, such as vocal tics and jerking
  • Involuntary muscle spasms
  • Weakness and twitching 
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