Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath Testimonials

Natural aromatherapy birth bath oils to promote relaxation and soothe you during labor pains.

I used your Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath product when I was in labor with my son 2 months ago. I have been using it for my bath whenever I get a chance now and the fragrance brings back the most vivid and precious memories of that challenging yet very special night that Julian was born. Thank you for your lovely products- I am a BIG fan! - Tori, AL
Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath and HeavenlyLabor Massage Oil made my childbirth experience a lot more manageable than what I could have imagined and compared to the stories I have heard from friends. I took a long, relaxing bath during the first stage of my labor with Tranquil Aromatic BirthBath, which was just divine, and I felt very relaxed and positive. Would you believe that I even fell asleep in the bath during labor! The Massage oil was lovely too- you can't imagine how much having my husband massage my lower back relieved the labor pains. Thank you for helping me to have a beautiful, natural childbirth experience! - Sherrie, SD