Birth-Heal Testimonials

Natural remedy to support tissue, skin and muscle health to return to normal after giving birth.

I can't believe how quickly I was up and about after the birth of my daughter! I really think that Birth-Heal is the reason I bounced back so quickly …It was great to be able to really enjoy my little ones' first few days of life feeling so well! As usual, your products don't disappoint!!! - Laurie, VT
"I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully effective I found your Birth-Heal for my recovery from childbirth… I used your [Native Remedies] Birth-Heal product and the Easiotomy Cream, and... I am so grateful... Thank you so much for a wonderful natural remedy that really works!" - Joy T., UK
"I recovered so quickly… that my husband thought I was being brave when actually I felt good and ready for action after about a week! I heard about Arnica helping... and I was so glad to find a product that was especially for pregnancy... when I searched on the internet. This has really helped me so much I wanted to write and tell you, so thanks for giving me this opportunity. I know I will be using more of your remedies next time around, as I did not know about them before during my pregnancy, unfortunately. My sister has just found out that she is pregnant and I was happy to tell her about your remedies. She is thrilled because she likes the natural options. Thank you again!" - Miralda