Mom's Magic Trauma Sprinkles Testimonials

Natural remedy with soothing chamomile to support balanced emotions and calm a fussy, crying baby.

This remedy should be a compulsory part of any family’s first aid kit. I use Mom's Magic Trauma Sprinkles in my family often and it really works – fast! And the kids love it! Thank you for a fantastic product. - Samantha, CA, USA
We were at a children’s birthday party last month and my son, who is 4, fell out of the tree he was climbing. While I was trying to hold onto Devon and calm him down, the birthday boy’s mom rushed out with your Mom's Magic Trauma Sprinkles and quickly sprinkled some in his mouth. Within minutes, he was much calmer and after the next dose, was back on his feet again. Even the bruising wasn’t as bad as I expected. Needless to say I have now placed an order with you. - G.E., USA