BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

“I only have one word for these products WOW! I have had my son on BrightSpark and Focus Formula for about 2 1/2 weeks and my only regret is that we did not find these products sooner. My son’s problems started at about age 2 or 3. First with aggression and impulsive behavior and now into lack of concentration and the ability to stay focused. We somehow managed to get through kindergarten. Thank goodness it was only 1/2 day. Many days there would be knots in my stomach about how he would do in school that day. I tried many, many things such as adding omega 3's and DHA to his diet, eliminating food dyes and other harmful chemicals and trying other natural herbs and potions. All [of which had] no improvement in his behavior and concentration skills. I knew I had to find something when I got a phone call from his 1st grade teacher on the 5th day of school. I was in tears, what was I going to do? …So this was basically my last resort. For the past two weeks my son has not gotten any behavior reports sent home and I know you do not know my son, but my son is your son or daughter or you would not be reading this right now. His teacher has complemented his improvement in writing by saying how much he has improved and how much better he is doing. This product is truly amazing. I have to pinch myself each day when I pick him up and see how he did in school that day. I keep telling myself not to get to excited what if it is not the BrightSpark and Focus but it has to be, it is the only thing we are doing different. Do not let the doctors and teachers intimidate you… It is your child and I emphasize child. If you are desperate and at the end of your rope like I was then you have been truly blessed to find this website and these products. Alternative medicine is becoming more and more accepted. Do not let what someone else thinks about alternative medicine be the future of your child. Decide for yourself... it will more than likely help more than you can ever imagine. Thank you Native Remedies you are truly Godsent!” - Amy S., IN, USA
“Once again BrightSpark has made a world of difference in my child’s life and ours! I continuously thank God for BrightSpark!” - Jamie A., TX, USA
“Thanks so much!   Your products have allowed our son [to learn] at a great rate!  We will be a customer for life!” - Teresa B., FL, USA
“My son was having attention problems… My husband and I put him on BrightSpark and he has been a different kid. He has been so happy and is able to concentrate. Others have noticed the change in him as well. I am very pleased.” - Stacey, SC, USA
“My son is 9 years old and has always struggled in school. The doctors started to mention [attention problems] and I knew I did not want him on medication. I found your website and read about BrightSpark and decided to try it. In less than a week on the product he went from F's to A's and B's. His behavior has shown marked improvement. I will be ordering more products in the future! Bless You!!!” - Linda A., NY, USA
“Thank you so much for your help. If not for your products my daughter would still be struggling with school. Now she is doing much, much better! I recommend BrightSpark and Focus Formula to anyone, especially those who have been prescribed other traditional medications. There are no side effects and they worked very fast. In just a few days I could see the difference, as could the rest of the family. What an improvement!” - Leya, MN, USA
“I would highly recommend this product to anyone!!! My now 7 year old has been on BrightSpark for about a week now and already seen great improvement with his attention levels and reduced hyperactivity. My "lil" boy is finally able to be a "lil" loving gentleman. Thanks so much for a great product; we will be repeat customers.” - Amanda A., AR, USA
“Hi, I just wanted to say I started my six- year old daughter on BrightSpark in January 2008 when she was 5; and her teacher and I noticed within two days a wonderful change. She was finally able to participate in class with all the other children and was getting good marks. She’s like a perfect child. Her teacher even said thank you to us for allowing her to teach her. She's a wonderfully bright child. So now I'm telling you thank you for helping me raise a productive child. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Holliena F., WY, USA
“I took my son off all of his other medications for attention issues. It has been a week and I already notice a big difference. His dad and I have separated since he has started taking [BrightSpark] and before he would have walked around whining and crying and is now a totally different child. Today his teacher called me and stated that this child is reading at his grade level and mastering math, in which when school was out in May, he was in 5th grade reading on a 2nd grade level. I am very excited and hope a lot more people will try this. I want to thank Native Remedies for bringing my true son to me at a time when I need him the most.” - Toni A., TX, USA
BrightSpark and Focus have been nothing less than a miracle for our family! I was skeptical but hopeful when I ordered them back in September 2008. I was completely desperate for help for my 6-year-old daughter whose emotions and behaviors, especially at night, were completely out of control. The very first night I saw a difference! Not just a slight difference either. For the first time in months she went to bed quietly without altercation and tantrums. I have recommended these products to everyone I know who has a child with emotional/behavior problems. You have given us back some peace in our home! Thank you!” - Haylee, IL, USA
“Wow, I was told my child may be hyper or [have attention issues] when she got kicked out of kindergarten, so I panicked and went onto the internet and found this site. I did not want drugs, nor did I think my 5 year old had these issues, so I purchased Focus Formula and BrightSpark too. And WOW WOW!! Now I want to note that I changed my daughters eating habits too - I took out sugary snacks and preservatives (not so easy now a days) and I have an improved child. I enrolled her in a new school and other than some behavioral issues she has been bringing home stars everyday! I am also going to try the MindSoothe Jr. and Tula Tantrum Tamer and I will let you know how that turns out. Thanks a bunch!!” - Papande N., FL, USA
“We knew our six- year old son was different and eventually he was diagnosed … so we decided to look for some natural remedies while we were waiting for an appointment as we did not like the idea of going on drugs. While searching the internet we came across your site and decided to try Focus Formula and BrightSpark. We then also changed his diet as recommended in your ebook and what a difference it has made. The first two weeks there was no difference but by the third and fourth weeks there was a great change. He was a different boy, more cooperative, a lot less argumentative. We really can’t believe it and we would like to say thank you …” - Denise G., Suffolk, UK
“Whenever I visit retail sites, I always imagine some guy sitting behind a desk conjuring up all these wonderful "testimonials" and composing them himself. Well, here I am writing the very first testimonial I have ever written. And yes -- I'm a very real customer named Alan (from Manila) and I have a very real four- year old son named Roj. I could write all about how much BrightSpark has helped Roj, and about how the turnaround has been nothing less than dramatic. I could write about how his teachers have written us to express their amazement at Roj's improved behavior and school work, but you've probably read all that before. So here's what I have to say: if only one parent will read this testimonial and have it help convince him or her to try out BrightSpark for their child, then I will sleep contented. BrightSpark will work, and it will produce dramatic results.” - Alan G., Manila, Philippines
“First I must say I've spent days reading other people's testimonial before I decided to try BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I am telling mine because I know there will be mothers looking to help their child/children. BrightSpark REALLY WORKS. My son is six years old and every day until late September 2008 I received messages or notes about his behavior in school. Early September, his teacher said he may not make it to the second grade since he is not doing his work. Tonight, November 20, 2008, I saw his teacher who was happy to see me and was eager to say how impressed she is of his complete turnaround. She said ‘I knew he was a very smart boy, but was never focused’. She is amazed at his story telling and writing. She still sends notes but to say he was great today. BrightSpark and Focus really work. I can't stop crying over how happy I am. Please try it for your child; it works along with rest and veggies.”

- Ywenette, NY, USA

“Thank you all for your products. My son, age 4, started BrightSpark on October 21 and I could not believe my eyes. I saw a change in him within two days - he was calmer, chilled-out, and he can focus now at pre-school. Before my son went on the BrightSpark … he would repeat himself over and over, he interrupted all my conversations, he could not sit still at all, he had to have our attention at all times, he was very cruel to his dog, he would scream and yell to the top of his lungs, he could not concentrate at pre-school, he pushed and hit kids at school and, he started hitting me and his father. Giving my son a spanking, or putting him in time out did nothing for him. Thanks to BrightSpark and Serenite Jr. I now have my sweet little boy back. We now have so much fun as a family. Thanks again.”

- Amy D., USA

“In September 2008 my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed ...That day was the worst day in my life so I began a search for a solution and I came across Native Remedies. For unknown reasons, I felt relaxed and confident and with the help of your experts I got BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Within a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic change in my daughter and now from not being able to say any word to counting from 1-10 and the ABC’s. I am truly grateful for the experts from Native Remedies. The teacher now gives me remarkable notes on my daughter and is very happy with her. Through this painful journey, I want every mom to believe that their children are normal, healthy and clever. Never accept any scientific labels about your child, always go by your feelings. If your feeling says your child is perfect then the child is perfect. However, it is also important that we accept the help and experience of experts like Native Remedies. These products make the difference that every mom wishes to see in their child. My husband and I are really thankful and will always refer your site to all the people we know”

- Ghada, Ontario, Canada

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I received my order of BrightSpark and Focus Formula yesterday and immediately wanted to try it with my five year old son. He started Kindergarten this year and has been sent to the principal’s office more times than I even care to mention. The time outs at school are daily and sometimes three times a day. I am frustrated, embarrassed and saddened all at the same time. When I ask my son why he behaves this way he doesn't know how to answer, but you can tell that he wants so bad to be able to have a good day. My heart was breaking and then I found your site! …Today was his first day of one pill every hour for 6 hours. I cannot believe the difference in him already! He spent most of the day with a babysitter while I was at work and not once was he put in timeout! I kept calling to check on him because I couldn't believe that he hadn't acted out yet. When I finally came to pick him up I was told that he had a WONDERFUL day! My husband and I were so excited that we took him out to dinner. To my amazement he sat there like a perfect gentleman, talked to us about his day and we had a wonderful dinner! I asked him how he felt today and he said "mommy...I feel really good!" I am so grateful that I found your product! I work in a daycare and if this really works for him, you can count on getting more orders from the Ohio area because I will be telling EVERYONE to order your products!! ... Thank you so much for answering my prayers!”

- Lucy S., OH, USA

“As I think about how BrightSpark and Focus Formula have changed my seven year old’s behavior, tears come to my eyes. Not because of the relief it has brought to me or my husband, but because of the peace it has brought to my son. He just started first grade 2 1/2 weeks ago and started the BrightSpark and Focus 3 1/2 weeks ago. At the end of his first week on the supplements, we went to his school to meet his teacher and for the first time to my amazement, he sat next to me while I filled out paperwork; not once but twice. During his first week of school (2nd week on BrightSpark and Focus) he had ok marks at school...two good days, two fair days, and one bad day. …. The second week at school (third week on BrightSpark and Focus) his behaviors changed drastically and he got top marks everyday. According to his chart, each day he only had a couple of "getting out of his seat" issues. Here is the really big news: In kindergarten I was told that he should be going into the gifted program because he was so bright, but they would not take him because of his inability to follow directions and sit still. Now, at the beginning of the third week of school, he has been moved to a gifted teacher's class. He still has his moments, but he is able to focus on his school work more effectively and he is better able to stay in his seat. His self-esteem has gone through the roof and he gets into the car bragging about how good he was each day (compared to last year when the first thing he said to me was how much trouble he had gotten into that day). I would also like to add that it feels so good to have teachers and the principal call me or write to me to compliment my son instead of complaining about him. And the bonus feature is, the students aren't referring to him as "bad" anymore and they want to be his friends. That means so much and it takes my breath away. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

- Melissa, GA, USA

“If you have a child with …[concentration problems], make a point of checking out BrightSpark. Does your child's repeated misbehavior in school cause everyone frustration, especially him? Does he look at you & say, Momma I WANT to be a good boy...? It just about breaks your heart. Well, maybe he just can't help it! After reading the testimonials on this site, we decided to try it. In three weeks, it has turned our child around. The unpleasantness has turned to joy for everyone. A few days ago his teacher told us he had the best day of the year. They told us now that he is behaving better, they can see how bright he really is. Now we can add our testimonial to the many others. If your child comes home from school, miserable because everyone thinks he's a bad kid - please don't wait another minute. ”

- Nanci, NY, USA

“Our granddaughter is in the first grade. Her teacher said she was positive she had …[concentration problems] along with 2-3 other teachers in the school. Her teacher said she might have to be held back. We started using Focus Formula and BrightSpark, needless to say she ended up on the Honor Roll the last two grading periods. Along with good study habits, and the above mentioned products, things turn out very well! Thanks so much for being there.”

- Larry & Brenda, IN, USA

“I started my 7 year-old on both Focus Formula for ADD and BrightSpark approximately 3 weeks ago. I received calls from school on the 2nd-day. He has received all A's in behavior each day this year, and is a much happier/cheerful child. …Concentrates better at school at on homework. Does not get upset as easily. … I too was skeptical about the Focus Formula/BrightSpark - but I am now hooked and recommending this to everyone!!! God Bless You.”

- Roni, MD, USA

“We started our 10 year old son on BrightSpark for …[concentration problems] and the world has changed. We went from almost daily talking to the principle to getting a call because he was being so good. At one point we ran out of BrightSpark and with in three days the school wanted to know if we couldn't give him a tic tac and tell him it was BrightSpark. Daily fights have gone the way of the wind at home to a point I would feel was normal and to think a few months ago I was giving heavy thought to putting him in a group home. This product is the greatest - if you had a pill to stop a liar and thief I would buy it. These are the only two problems we are still having but with BrightSpark even this has slowed to almost a stop too. ”

- Anthony, MN, USA

“My 6 year old son …was diagnosed…, and I knew he was overly …[excitable]…I was extremely concerned about his lack of appetite and weight loss. He was getting so skinny and you could see his ribs from the front and back, weighing only 46 lbs and being 4 feet and 2 inches tall, I thought that was not much. I was also concerned about his sleeplessness and he had major mood swings and often seemed …[sad]. This was constantly on my mind and I knew I had to find an alternative solution… I searched the web and found the Native Remedies site. I read the testimonials and I cried because they seemed so genuine. I was still skeptical though, but I knew I had to give it a try. I ordered the BrightSpark and the Focus ADHD for my son and got it in 2 days! … The next day I started the BrightSpark and the Focus. The first day was pretty rough but I didn’t let it change my mind. It’s been 1 week and 3 days today. I must say that this is really working! Every day is better. My son is eating! And already gaining back his weight!! He is sleeping so well and he is so happy! I finally have my son’s personality back. I missed him so much!! He is not moody anymore and I haven’t seen him …[sad] at all in about a week. I can’t thank you enough for having these alternative treatments available. The testimonials are what encouraged me and convinced me to try this! I had to write in and share mine. Maybe it will encourage someone else to try this… THANK YOU Native Remedies!!!”

- Angela, VA, USA

“My son has been on BrightSpark for 2 months and it has made a total difference in his ability to focus. He is achieving the grades we new he could, and group sports are a joy for him. I would highly recommend this to children with focus issues.”

- Denise, NY, USA

“I am writing to thank you for such a wonderful product. My daughter was diagnosed … about a year and a half ago. …I received daily phone calls from the school about her behavior… I searched the internet and found your web site. I was very skeptical, but ordered BrightSpark just to see if it would work. Within a week of taking it, ...her moods have evened out and her grades are now A's and B's. Everyone has noticed a huge difference in my daughter. She has been taking it now for a month. I only wish I would have found this product a year and a half ago. Thanks again! ”

- Julie, AR, USA

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