BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

“My 6-year old son was recently diagnosed... He was very, very active to the point where he was a distraction to other students and sometime had to be put out of the class. About a month ago I ordered Focus Formula and saw some changes. After reading the testimonials for BrightSpark I decided to order it and give it a try. Within a week I saw a tremendous difference in my son's behavior and so I have the teachers. He went from getting red's everyday to getting green's. Thank You Native Remedies. ” - Alisha, GA, USA
“My eight year old son began taking BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Since he began 3 weeks ago. He is so much better. We went from the teacher begging us daily to medicate him to her telling us he had a pretty good week and having his desk moved back into the group. I hope we continue to see this improvement. We had tried other products from different companies, but the taste and him not being able made swallow the pills made it a battle. He can take the BrightSpark and Focus Formula by himself and ask to take them. This has been an answered prayer.” - Betty L., SC, USA
“All I can say is Thank You for saving my son and our family.” - Susan G., GA, USA
“OK First IT WORKS!!!! Second why isn't the government using this wonderful stuff to help millions of children across the world?? My son Steven who's 11 badly had …[concentration problems and was over excitable] and has been on BrightSpark for almost 4 weeks, and what a change I've seen in him. He's actually doing so much better in school and home, he's a much nicer boy to be around and does his homework. He rarely argues with me anymore and pretty much does what I ask of him. I've also changed his diet, so he gets lots more fruit and vegetables and healthy foods, he gets no more soda and candy is a real treat for him now, but guess what? He really doesn't mind. So I know changing his diet and putting him on BrightSpark and Focus ADHD has turned this boy’s life around, and this makes me so happy. Thank you so much those who work at Native Remedies. I will be passing the word around to those parents… [in need] Thank you! Thank you! ” - Karen D., UT, USA
“A few months ago my six year old daughter’s grade one teacher suggested that she might suffer from…[concentration problems]. I was devastated and proceeded to trawl the internet for information trying to prove her wrong. I felt my daughter was just misunderstood and bored as we had just moved back to Australia and academically she was streets ahead of her classmates. However of the symptoms listed I found that 95% tallied with her behavior and character. I now realize that both her paternal grandmother, uncle and father could be said to have…[concentration problems and over excitability]. By the time I found this web site I was desperate to find something to help my daughter focus in class and get on better with her peers... In late June I started her on Omega3 fish oils whilst I waited for our order to arrive. In early August she received her first honor certificate but was still getting into trouble in class. She has been on a combination of BrightSpark, Focus and Omega3 fish oil supplements since the 21st of August. Within days we noticed an improvement but the real indicator was after having waited 6 months to get an honor certificate at school she received another one for most improved behavior two weeks after she started taking the remedies. 2 weeks ago my daughter's teacher took a leave of absence and since her departure she hasn't been in trouble once with her relief teacher. Whether her problems were the result of a personality clash or …[concentration problems] or both I can't say but I can see she is much happier in herself now that she is able to focus and I will always be grateful to Native Remedies for giving her that chance.” - Fiona, WA, USA
“After five(5) years of hell and various diagnoses …I finally have found an alternative… that WORKS! … [He started BrightSpark and Focus Formula] over this summer…his teachers asked me what I did to my kid. What did I do w/ Michael for they did not know who this child was. WOW - what a difference they've been telling me. His grades improved too during summer school -- back up to B's. I AM A BELIEVER NOW AND THANK GOD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE AND VITAMINS FOR MY SON, NOW 12 YRS OLD. ” - Dee, IL, USA
“I'd like to say that my son just turned 7 years old yesterday and has been taking BrightSpark for two years and with a combination of Karate class, he was the brightest student on his classroom this year. His school applied the NOVA test, which is a test to measure the students abilities and intelligence level required by the federal Government on Public Schools and his score in reading, writing and spelling came out above the normal of all first grade students in the USA public schools.” - Vilma R., NJ, USA
“I have really noticed a difference in my child. He is 8 years old and had a major problem with attention in the classroom. He has been on BrightSpark for 3 months and the teachers are reporting much better behavior. His attention span has increased greatly. We don't receive daily calls that he is misbehaving in class anymore.” - Danette A., LA, USA
“You've got me shaking my head with surprise and amazement! My son just turned 8. Earlier this summer and year, he had an ""edge"" to him and a distractibility to him that was weighing on my mind. His teacher described him as being "about ready to crawl out of his skin". I asked my pediatrician about BrightSpark's I was very concerned about using something I don't know a whole lot about. My son's doctor said that herbal remedies use such small, diluted quantities of natural products that it would be okay to go ahead and try it. After 1 day, I swear I thought I was imagining it...but I could tell BrightSpark took the ""edge"" off my son's personality. He is quicker to hold his tongue, calmer, not so quick to temper, and has very infrequent outbursts or temper flares. Earlier this summer, he was getting into minor squabbles with friends, as if everyone irritated him. He is no longer. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The two pills at a time are so tiny they are easy to take, he gobbles them down without a fuss. He says they taste like "milk". Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am really looking forward to him returning to school next month and seeing if his interaction and focus in the classroom is that much better. My son calls them his 'focus vitamins'.” - C.M., MA, USA
“I have a 4 year old son. I didn't know what to do and even considered a psychologist. to find out if my son had…[concentration problems]. I found this website, read all the testimonials and found out all of them were in my situation. I was kind of hesitant as any parents would be when giving your children anything. I did buy it [and] to my surprise my son has improved dramatically. In just two weeks my son learns what you try to teach him the first time. His vocabulary has increased to sentences. Everyone is different and I know it may take longer in other children, but this was a rapid advancement in just 2 weeks. I know it might be scary to even think there might be something wrong with your child, it was tough for me even to think about it, but what if your child might have …[concentration problems], wouldn't you want your child to get help now instead of finding out too late and you could have done something to help him/her? I did take that step and I am glad for this website I found. I feel if my son has something to tell me now he can and I don't have to guess. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. BRIGHTSPARK IS ALL NATURAL THAT'S THE BEST THING. A LOT OF THANKS. ” - Ana, TX, USA
“I just wanted to say that my son has been taking BrightSpark for over a month now. We have seen a tremendous improvement in his behavior. He no longer has the angry outbursts he used to have. He seems more focused and controlled. He's less obsessive as well. He just got his first report card for third grade and he did fantastic. His teacher told us he's been finishing his work on time now. We've been very pleased. I think he knows it helps as well because it's the first product that he doesn't give us a hard time taking. He takes it very willingly. Thanks for a great product! ” - Ann, NY, USA
“After careful investigation of your web site and the products they offered, I ordered BrightSpark from Native Remedies for my …son. I was amazed with how well it works and with no side effects! They were so clear about how to use the product and how important it was to follow the directions to get the results. …I liked the products and its results so much that I purchased 6 more bottles. ” - Audrey J.
“My 7 year-old is an intelligent and lively child, as most kids with attention issues are, but I thought nothing of her short attention span and fidgetiness until 1st grade. Her teachers and I tried various methods; behavior modification, incentives, classroom work-buddies, etc., with no success. I took her to a child psychologist for evaluation and after about 40 minutes with her, he determined she had …concentration problems… I had used homeopathy for myself successfully and knew it to be both studied and safe. I came across BrightSpark and after much deliberation I decided to try it with her. By the 4th week, I noticed she was doing her homework with less self-made distractions. By the 5th or 6th week, I asked her teachers for their assessments of her and ALL of them said she had improved a lot in all of their classes. Her math scores showed the most marked improvement; from 60's to 90's. Now that she can concentrate better, she finally gets it! I also use homeopathic chamomile with her and she is much less fidgety both in class and at home. She is still active and alert, but as a 7 year-old should be. I didn't expect overnight success, but the steady progress proves the efficacy of homeopathy to help the body help itself. I would definitely recommend BrightSpark for parents who want a safe, non-addictive, affordable alternative to help their children.” - Jann M., MD, USA
“My 9 year old son was really struggling in school. …Then, BrightSpark appeared on my search so I decided to give it a try. He has been taking it for 6 weeks, and his teacher and I have both seen a big improvement in his concentration. Last week, I added Focus Formula, and I am waiting to see if it helps with his aggression and impulsiveness. He has absolutely no side effects and says he feels 'smarter.' ” - Kendall, CO, USA
“My son has been on BrightSpark for almost 3 months and it has been great. His teachers have even noticed a difference. He has been doing great in school and he has been listening so much better. I tell all my friends about this. I will continue to use this stuff for the rest of my 7 year old son's life. Thank you very much. ” - Lisa, Canada
“I was very impressed with this products effectiveness in improving my 9 year old son's concentration and …nervousness. He has only taken BrightSpark for about a week in half and already we and his teachers at school are seeing results…Our son had always been on the honor roll but was starting to barely make it due to his lack of attention. Thanks to BrightSpark, he made it again on the honor roll. ” - J.P., IN, USA
“I just have to write and share my story regarding my son Michael. He is now going to be 8 years old. Way before he even began to walk or talk, he used to have temper tantrums, which I dismissed as terrible ones, twos, threes. Eventually, he was much better, however, in school, I had several conferences, behavior notices, and phone calls regarding his lack of focus, attention, and temper issues…Now he is in second grade and after the first sit-down conference with his 2 teachers who practically cornered me to discuss the issues…I knew that I just had to find …[something]. So, after much, much research, and use of all natural remedies, vitamins and his diet, I advised his teachers that I had to try the Natural Approach… and they understood and have been very helpful in charting my son's behavior. So far, he has been getting nothing but A's and B's and smiley faces and stars. I cannot say enough about BrightSpark and wonder why the USA cannot make something natural and affordable that works. I spend a lot more money on natural foods, vitamins and remedies… but this is one investment that is the most important one in life, and I made sure to budget for his health and give up some things that are not so important. God bless all the children who are so lost and their parents who don't know what to do. ” - Elizabeth R., FL, USA
“My 8 year old started taking BrightSpark…in mid October. …Thank You, Native Remedies!” - Holly W., AZ, USA
“Wow! I just purchased BrightSpark for my 8 year old daughter and this is her 3rd day of taking it. Her teacher and I have already seen a huge improvement in concentration and cooperation. After only 3 days! I am very excited about this product and I'm so glad I found a …[safe product] to help her. Thank you so much for this great product! ” - Kimberly R., SC, USA
“I would like to say thank you very much! I really didn't think BrightSpark would work, but we were almost out of treatments alternatives for our grandsons, ages 6 and 8, who we have been raising since birth. They were both having problems in school with completing work, doing homework, having no friends because of fighting. We have witnessed a miracle in both boys. The teachers both called to ask what we did because they saw two different boys at school. At home there is no arguing or fighting. They are helping each other. We also have a 3 yr old that has seen a change in his brothers. They all get along, help, and protect each other. They are happy to go and come back from school. With your BrightSpark pills and God, we have seen our boys … [improvement]. Again thank you for your BrightSpark and for making it available with helpful hints. ” - Shirley, TX, USA
BrightSpark is amazing. My daughter is so happy now. We saw results so fast. She went from failing in school to passing with B's in 3rd grade. …We had decided to look for something natural when we found your product. We are so glad we did. Her behavior is so much better. I would definitely recommend this product to others. Thank you so much.” - Patty
“I have 2 and 4.5 year old boys. My oldest …is [excitable] all the time, sometimes I think he has…[problems] by the way he acts. So I have been using BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I notice a huge difference when he gets his doses and when he does not. Even my 2 year old takes BrightSpark which gives him a calming effect. I am very thankful for finding these. I would definitely recommend them. ” - Jill, WI, USA
“My son has been on BrightSpark for 2 months and it has made a total difference in his ability to focus. He is achieving the grades we new he could, and group sports are a joy for him. I would highly recommend this to children with focus issues.”

- Denise, NY, USA

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