BrightSpark Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

“My son is in the second grade. He has had many difficulties in school like sitting still, concentrating, and controlling his impulsive behavior. I started him on Focus and then started giving it to him with BrightSpark. I showed the bottles to my son's doctor … and she felt the products were safe to give to my child. BrightSpark and Focus have made a tremendous difference. He was always getting sent out in the hall for distracting other children and getting answers wrong on assignments because he could not pay attention. The teacher noticed a difference in his behavior, and she didn't even know he was taking anything. For the past month now, he has not taken BrightSpark because I ran out. I figured the school year was almost over anyway, so I did not reorder. That was a big mistake because now he is starting to act the way he did before. I reordered 3 bottles today, so I don't have to worry about running out for a while. I highly recommend both of these products. They definitely work.”

- Sheri, IL, USA

“My 6 yr old granddaughter was having a hard time in school, the teachers wanted to take her out of her class and put her in a special class that could deal with her inability to sit, listen and concentrate. She was just too disruptive. I got her Focus Formula and BrightSpark, my daughter started her on it and within 3 weeks she was showing a marked improvement. She just did her semester exams this last week and the teacher said she is off the charts, she is doing so well. Even she noticed the improvement and told me, Nana I can sit still now and do my work, and not get in trouble anymore. I thank Native Remedies for giving us an alternative…to help my granddaughter. I would recommend it to anyone who has an … [overly excitable] child.”

- Pam, UT, USA

“I read all the testimonials and was very encouraged. I ordered both Focus Formula and BrightSpark. My daughter has been taking both for just one week. Her teachers say she's a new person. They are amazed at the change. She is focused and hasn't had any problems at school. I'm convinced that Focus Formula and BrightSpark work miracles!!”

- Karen, VA, USA

“I started my 7 year old son on BrightSpark about 6 weeks ago. A couple days ago, I decided to stop giving this to him because we had not really seen a big change UNTIL... we received his progress report from school and all his grades came up to A's. He has always been an A & B student and is very smart. However, our issue was his conduct. When he was done with his work at school, he would talk and not pay attention well. His teacher also commented about his improvement. We did not give the pills to him for the last 2 days AND WHAT A STEP BACK HE MADE!! The last two days have been so difficult. I can really see what a change he had made. It just was not so apparent to us, but is NOW!! I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!”

- Sharon, TX, USA

“My 10 yr. old son was diagnosed… at the age of 6. …nothing seemed to work like it was supposed to and the side effects … were awful. I started him on BrightSpark and Focus Formula…and he did well, so …I added MindSoothe Jr. I can not describe how wonderful this transition has been and it has only been 2 weeks! The night time battles are gone and he is doing great in school. I can see this difficult …road is going to get much easier. Thank you for these products and I will be shouting this from the roof tops for all frustrated parents of these special children.”

- Robin, MS, USA

“My daughter is taking both BrightSpark and Focus Formula and I am absolutely THRILLED with their results!! I want the best for my daughter, and it was difficult to see her struggling in just about every aspect of her interaction. I felt helpless as to what to do to fix it and constantly beat myself up for frequently losing patience. These supplements have made all of the difference. How rewarding it is to see such a happy little girl!! Thank You!!”

- Suzanna, TX, USA

“My 7 year old son was having problems listening and completing classroom and homework assignments. He also could not follow directions or remember things that he was told to do. He has been taking BrightSpark for approximately one week and I already notice a difference. His work is being done on time and much neater than ever before. He has calmed down a little and he remembers things a whole lot better. What really surprised me is that he remembers to take BrightSpark on his own. This is the first medicine that he has ever wanted to take. He came home from school and said that he had a good day at school. What a relief!”

- Karen, TX, USA

“My son is now 6 years old. He was diagnosed … at the age of 4. He has seen every type of professional specialist that there is in the medical field ever since he was 2, and 80% of them (psychiatrists) I personally call "pushers". They spend 5 minutes with your child, and they think they automatically know what is best for your child - WRONG!!! Only we as parents do. I never planned on putting him on anything …, due to the fact that he has a very high IQ, and I did not want to disturb his academic abilities. My niece has [concentration problems] and my sister-in-law told me to do my research on BrightSpark…. Once I did my research, I picked up the phone and called Native Remedies, and placed an order. It took a little while (3 weeks) to fully kick in, and at first I did not see any major difference, until he missed a dosage and then it made me realize that your product has really helped him in school. He is less frustrated and has a lot less tantrums. He is also able to concentrate much better and for long periods of time. Best of all (for me) is knowing that your product is all natural, and can not hurt, but only help my son. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product and for those of you that are skeptical on medications, trust me - I was too (very). This is an herbal remedy. It can't hurt your child, it can only help them. Thanks!”

- Lori, FL, USA

“Last year my daughter was in kindergarten and the teacher said that she was bright but at times seemed lost when her peers were busy doing their work. It seemed that it was hard for her to focus and pay attention to the teacher. This year the first grade teacher said the same thing and decided to have a meeting to help her. My husband and I thought that she might have mild …[attention issues] but didn't want to have her formally tested . So, we started using BrightSpark. The teacher had no idea that we were using it and after a couple of weeks on the pills we noticed that she went from an s to a s+ to an Excellent in her school work in just 3 weeks. The teacher said that she didn't know what we did but, our daughter is like a different child. She finishes all her work and continues to amaze her with her reading and writing. Thank you so much for your product. Our child now has self-esteem and is reaching her full potential!!!”

- Kay J., GA, USA

“My 8 year old son had difficulty in school last year and he was testy or non-communicative. He had very internalized anger and was generally difficult to handle. Bed time was a nightmare, waking up for school was a problem, and his daily behavior was worrisome. In desperation I searched for an answer: I found your site and your remedies and ordered BrightSpark and Serenite Jr.. However, I was skeptical! My son wanted something to help him fall asleep at night and was eager to try the "drops" and we met with success. He thinks BrightSpark is special vitamins. And when asked how he is doing, he says he feels much happier now. Thank you for providing an array of natural and safe products that work.”

- Claire, CT, USA

“I have a 3 1/2 year old has been diagnosed.... What a Godsend BrightSpark is. Within a day I saw dramatic improvement in his behavior & no cranky behavior…He can actually sit through a meal, a story and a lot of other things. He is actually able to start to develop his fine motor skills now.”

- Lisa W., NH, USA

“This was the last thing we were going to try…We'd tried several alternative therapies … and had limited results. My son has been on BrightSpark and Focus Formula ADD for 1 week as of today. In the last 2 days, both his math teacher and his home room teacher have both told me separately that my son is focusing and paying attention much better. He's answering questions in class now and getting compliments from his teacher about paying attention and that is the FIRST time EVER. I'm so proud of him and so grateful to Natural Remedies.


Great! My son Robin had problems in school, he couldn't sit still, cried a lot, gave up fast and thought very little of himself. I started him with BrightSpark and within a few days he was confident, stopped crying and has been generally more concentrated. We are a happy family again.”

- James, CA, USA

“What a difference you made for my child!!! My child is NOW organized and able to complete all tasks without reminders and constant redirection. Thank you for BrightSpark!!!”

- Vanni, Germany

“I just want to let you know I am very happy with the results of BrightSpark. My son has used the product for 6 months now and his behavior and grades have improved tremendously! Thank you for providing such a safe and wonderful product.”

- Donna B., PA, USA

“I am sooooo happy with your products. Our two children use Kiddie Calmer and BrightSpark… Their grades have improved tremendously and our home life is a lot less stressful! Thank you so much for a wonderful product line!”

- Anna

“My son is 10 years old. He has had a problem with concentration ever since I can remember. Over the years this has led his self-esteem to suffer as well as hindered his potential in class. He has now been on BrightSpark for one month. Everyone who knows my son has remarked as to how much calmer and how much his self esteem has improved. In class, his marks have improved greatly. I am very happy to have found the BrightSpark solution and would recommend this to all parents. Many of my friends and colleagues have heard me talk about the product and have asked for the internet site.


Do you get tired of hearing "THANK YOU"? What a godsend this product has been for our family. My 11 yr old grandson went through every [thing] …that was on the market. Not one did what it was supposed to do. He was moody, angry, loosing weight, chewing his fingers to the nubs, doing very poorly in school.... We tried BrightSpark, and in a matter of a few days (I know its supposed to take a few weeks) we noticed a change. He is much more relaxed, concentrating in school and getting better grades and just a pleasant person to be around. My daughter and I can't thank you enough. Our only regret, WE DIDN'T TRY IT SOONER. Thank you again. PS we have recommended this to our friends and they tried it for their daughter and are getting excellent results too. You should have ads in every Doctor's office in America!!”

- Christine, PA, USA

“I have been very pleased with the product. This is my first reorder, and I don't plan on trying to live without BrightSpark! My sweet boy is back!”

- Maggie, USA

“I have an 12 yr old son, who has been on BrightSpark for about a year. My son's teacher's and family members have seen a wonderful change. He can follow instructions, has increased his learning skills and best of all has been able to enjoy having close friends. Before it was hard for him to enjoy friendships because of his low self - esteem. But now, he is much happier and outgoing. Native Remedies is Great!!!!”

- Michele K., VA, USA

“I purchased BrightSpark for my 7 year old daughter and have had remarkable improvements. Before BrightSpark she had trouble staying on task. Her school work was suffering…! Now she is doing well, her reading has gone up by a 1 1/2 grade levels. Most important she feels the difference. After 2 weeks of use she told me her head feels clearer and she can think better! It has been 3 months now and we are still happy with the results.”

- Garnett, USA

“I initially bought BrightSpark for my seven year old son who has difficulties with staying focused and on-task in school. I have not taken him to a doctor to have specific testing done and to actually find out from a medical professional whether or not he has… [a condition]. His teacher and principal both believe that he does…He has been on BrightSpark now for about eight weeks and I can really see an improvement in him. My older son who is nine, asked if he could try it because he was having a hard time focusing in class - I thought that he was just wanting to take it because his little brother was taking it but I let him. He has been taking it now for about six weeks and his teacher contacted me last week and said that she has noticed a real improvement in him during school. She said he is more alert and focused and is not getting into to trouble during class. He has also expressed to me that he is not acting out in class anymore! THANK YOU BRIGHTSPARK!!! Both of my kids are now starting to enjoy school just as they did when school first started this year - it's wonderful to see them excited about school again!”

- Debbi, MO, USA

“My son has been using BrightSpark for about 6 months. It has given him the energy he needs to focus and his grades are good and steady. We stopped using to see if we noticed a great difference, and restarted within a month. We noticed a "slow down" in his efforts and a lack of energy. BrightSpark is helping us keep up with the school programs. ”

- Miriam, CT, USA

“At age three my loving, enjoyable son changed tremendously. He became so hyper he could never sit still. His mood swings were outrageous and hostile and he never slept. I am serious, this child never slowed down, ever. He started kindergarten in Sept. of 2004. By the third week of school he was in tutoring twice a week because he was behind. (even with a year of pre-k and help at home) By the first conference (November 2004) the school was concerned that we may be dealing with a learning …[problem]. He just was not "getting it." … So, one night in November 2004 I began searching for something to help him. I found Native Remedies. I started him on Focus first and then added BrightSpark about a month later. My last conference with his teacher was in Feb. 2005. He has improved 60 to 75% in all areas since October!!!!!! And best of all I have that adorable little boy back that disappeared at age three. He is loving, caring and many of his fears have lessoned. THESE PRODUCTS WORK. I am so grateful I found Native Remedies. I have my bright eyed son back, he is focused in school and our family gets along much better…TRY THESE PRODUCTS they will change things for you. I am an average mom who was worried sick about her little boy. I don't worry now thanks to Focus and BrightSpark. It isn't going to hurt anything to try these products, but it will help everything.”

- Lori, OH, USA

“Hi guys, today is probably one of the happiest days of my life. My 8 year old son is on Focus and BrightSpark. Doctors have said he has…[concentration problems]... Anyway he has taken the above 2 for the past 5 days. His teacher left a message on my job and home phone until he finally got me on my cell phone during his lunch break, I was so scared that my child was ill or fell or something else negative. Needless to say he was calling to tell me he was "blown away in the difference" with my child. He was "attentive, involved, sharing, and focused" during class. He then asked me what was going on? I then mentioned your company and the items my son was taking. When I came home, I played the teachers message over and over again. I was so happy I actually started to cry. I have to admit I was not a whole believer in non-conventional medicine, but that has certainly changed. I will very happily recommend Native Remedies to everyone. Thank you and God Bless You.”

- Suzan C., NY, USA

“My son Joshua is already showing signs of improving at school after 10 days. I am hopeful he will continue to improve with the continued use of BrightSpark.”

- Lorrie, MI, USA

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