BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

“… Our son who is 12 is doing great on BrightSpark and Focus. His relationships at school have improved. The most drastic change that we as parents and teachers have noticed is that he can actually sit still the last hour of school without squirming in class and being a disruption to others. Also, his grades have come up from C's and D's to B's and some A's. He no longer is told that he is lazy and does not apply himself. At parent-teacher conference they stated that he is doing much better. My granddaughter and nephew have just begun taking native remedies and we cannot wait to see their results. Thank you Native Remedies for a natural remedy to all of our child related issues.”

- Sharon, OK, USA

“Thank you for this product.”

- Gayle M., TX, USA

“My husband and I have a 7 year old who was diagnosed… last April… he was angry all the time, not cooperating and said he didn't know why he felt the way he felt. After my husband having done some research online - we came across your website and decided to try the BrightSpark - we used that for awhile and decided to combine BrightSpark and Focus together because he still had some minor difficulties in school. We just started the combination for the two this week and already we have seen the difference - two and a half days of school and coming back from vacation last week I expected the worst on Monday. When he came home from school, he said he had a good day, together with a note from the teacher and he didn't have to spend time in the "cafe" which is where they would put him to get his work done (by himself). We will continue to hopefully see a slow progress into better school work, homework, attitude and eating. he has not only gained weight (2 lbs in a month), which was another side effect of the medicine, but he is really trying hard to eat better, trying more foods, sleeping better and learning that school is not so bad as well as he is much much happier. So we just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for having such a great website, great customer service and great things for parents to turn to... I truly appreciate it.”

- Joe and Lisa T., USA

“I started using BrightSpark in December 2004, because my daughter who is seven has had many years of criticism in school, for not paying attention and disturbing others, although all teachers say she is one of the brightest students in the class, but she was bored and over active. For the last three years, I always have a request for interview. Hurray, since I started BrightSpark, marks have improved and no interviews requested. Before, BrightSpark a puzzle of 5 minutes was difficult for her to concentrate on, now she [can do] 6-15 puzzles in a row, at the same time, and is able to all of her homework without pause. It has been a wonderful 3 months. Thank you.”

- Claudia, Canada

“These remedies have made such a difference in my 6 year old's life. Thank you so much!!!!”

- Anne S.

“I have 6 year son (1st grader) who was constantly being a distraction in the classroom. The teacher was always sending negative reports about his behavior etc. Although I have not had my son tested…, he did show some signs such as talkative, being silly, not really focusing. Just to include I do believe some (not all) teachers add to the problem. Anyway my son has been using BrightSpark since January 22, 2005 and over the past 2 weeks I have seen a real change. His appetite has picked up and he was on green 4 out of 5 days in one week which was rare before he started BrightSpark. I thank God I was able to find this product and surely has been a blessing so far. I pray it will continue to help my son and others.”

- Sheila, NC, USA

“I started my 11 yr. old on BrightSpark about1-2 months ago and I have seen a more calm effect on him, but he still can't focus all that well and has a hard time comprehending things. I am going to try Focus Formula and see how that works. Will let you know. Sincerely.”

- Louann S., WI, USA

“My son is nine years old. I have been using BrightSpark for 2 months and see a noticeable improvement in his school work. He is able to absorb information and remember it much more. He always had a processing problem and I see this really helps.”

- Lisa, NY, USA

“I have been very pleased with the product. This is my first Reorder, and I don't plan on trying to live without BrightSpark! My sweet boy is back!”

- Michele K.

“I have seen tremendous results with my son on BrightSpark!!!!!!!”

- Suzanne R., OH, USA

“Thank-you soooo much for your for your assistance. I have used these three products: BrightSpark, MindSoothe, and PureCalm since your previous email, as I felt that I needed to deal with my son's underlying… [conditions]. Thus far I have seen changes in my son, such as; lesser mood swings, if any, lesser temper outbursts, if any, a peaceful sleeping pattern, able to read a book without becoming agitated, social interaction with older brother without fights.”

-N., CT, USA

“I was told at a school meeting that my 7 year old had a problem paying attention and sitting still in class. He was below grade level. I was very upset and worried about him and how I could do to help him…Thanks to God I found Native Remedies on a search engine and read about their products. I ordered BrightSpark and Focus. I had a teacher’s conference 3 weeks after my son had been on these two products. I got the report that he was at grade level in math and above grade level in reading after only 3 weeks. Everyday I see more results. I am very thankful to Native Remedies and its staff. I hope that this testimonial will reach all the parents that have chosen to treat their children with conventional medicine and give your products a try. Thanks to Native Remedies I never lost my son to the effects of medicine and I gained a son with more confidence.”

- Nancy L.

“Thank you! Thank you! BrightSpark helped my four year old grandson tremendously.”

- Allene O.

“My 6yr old son has been taking BrightSpark for 12 weeks now. He started right before school started. His report card just came out and he got straight B's and Behavior area was all "plus". Last year he was a C student with unsatisfactory marks in behavior. I am so thankful to Native Remedies for this product. He comes home with only the assigned homework at night and is now able to complete all his school work in class. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank You!!!!”

- Angela M.

“Hi I am a grandmother to 3 children aged 13, 9, and 8, Henry our 8 year old grandson has had difficulty in concentrating in school and could be disruptive at times because of this, he has slight difficulty in spelling. His self esteem was low and had been made fun of by others in the school. I had BrightSpark suggested by a friend and thought never! We told the Headmaster what he was taking but he forgot to tell the form teacher. Within 2 weeks Henry's mother was called to the school and she thought, Oh no what has Henry been doing! The teacher told her how well Henry had been performing and how he was taking care with his work and was concentrating on his work. He is a wonderful football player but his loss of self esteem stopped him playing. He is now on the school team. His elder brother also has begun to take them with similar results with his concentration and behavior and that is a 13year old!! along with the hormones! It couldn't be easier to order and receive the product. Many thanks!”

- Jean C.

“My name is Jill B. and I just want to say how pleased I am with BrightSpark my son went from failing to A's and B's. I am completely amazed this product is awesome!!!!”

- Jill B.

“I was incredibly skeptical this stuff would work! I use both the Focus Formula and BrightSpark and we are all amazed at the difference in our now quiet home and happy girl!!!”

- Priscilla R.

“Dear Michelle, I have given my son the K-OK KiddieCalmer and BrightSpark and have seen a great difference. His marks have improved overall from his first report to his second report. He actually said to me that he can concentrate better. Just to give you an idea, the school he attends has a marking system of 1 to 5 on the report cards, meaning 1 = is excellent; 2 = is good 3 = is fine/average; 4 = is weak/needs attention and 5 = is very weak/failure. On his first report card he received on his developmental scores (which is broken into may categories like fine, gross, audio, visual etc,) only on 2, some 3's and quite a few 4's and was quite shy still, did isolate himself sometimes from the class and could not grasp the rules of the phonics. On his second report card he did not get a single 4 only mainly 2's and some 3's had improved with his self confidence and now new the rules of the phonics. Now isn't this fantastic. He still needs work on his self-esteem but my mom has also noticed and improvement. He has had a speech assessment and the therapist concluded that he needs some help to improve his expressive language…He has shown an improvement with his tactile defensiveness but whilst the schools were out for a 3 week holiday recently and I was not giving him the BrightSpark and KiddieCalmer, I certainly noticed that he had become more tactile again, crying and becoming upset with children (and his brother) irritating him (as he calls it). I am so grateful for your product and have told my friends about it, hopefully they will give it a try. Kindest Regards and thank you for your dedication to thousand of people who have similar problems.”

- S.M., Johannesburg, South Africa

“THANK YOU for giving us positive, non-habit forming, natural alternatives to assist our loved ones. I unfortunately tried something else for a few weeks and my son has paid for it by being in trouble every day at school. I won't do that again. The school is very impressed with the Natural Alternative as well.”

- Carolyn

“For the past year and a half I have been having trouble with my son in school and at home. I took him to many doctors that couldn't seem to come to the same conclusion as to his diagnosis… After six months of doctors running me in circles and ignoring my numerous requests to help my son, I found your web site and ordered BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Only after one week’s use I have noticed a considerable difference!”

- Stephanie M.

“The BrightSpark has helped my 3-year-old tremendously since he started using it a couple of months ago. His concentration is a lot better than before, and he has had a huge growth spurt in his language development.”

- Aimee, USA

“I was really impressed with BrightSpark. I thought "we finally found a medication that would help our 7 year old granddaughter". The first 3 to 4 weeks everyone commented on the changes in her behavior.”

- Pam, USA

“My son has been on BrightSpark…for almost 3 months and it has been great. His teachers have even noticed a different. He has been doing great in school and he has been listening so much better. I tell all my friends about this. I will continue to use this stuff for the rest of my 7 year old son's life. Thank you very much.”

-Lisa, Canada

“My son is five and has never slept through the night. I saw your ad because it was affecting his performance in school. He was tired all the time. I ordered your product because I am a firm believer and user of homeopathy. I didn't know what to expect. I began giving him the BrightSpark on our vacation in Florida. Within 3 days he started sleeping through the night. I asked his teacher a month later and she said she saw a difference in his writing. I am very happy I found a product that is natural and safe to use. I definitely see a difference in him.”

- Irene, USA

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