CanTravel Testimonials

Natural remedy for motion sickness relief to help prevent nausea caused by air, car or sea travel.

I wanted you to know that we have used your CanTravel granules for my little girl with great success. CanTravel is wonderful because it works so well and is amazingly easy to give to children. Just a sprinkle on the tongue and she is a happy chappy again – and she loves the taste! I can highly recommend this product. - Fiona J.
Thank you for a very successful treatment . I can recommend this remedy to anyone because it has really worked for me! What a pleasure to be able to go on a boat trip with my friends for the first time!!!!!!!! - Sidney
As a mother, I really can't believe that I have finally found a solution for my son! (10 years old) These granules are tasty - after some initial refusal, he now loves taking them and they work so well. His father and I were amazed at how we could all sing along in the car the other day (including him!) It is also a great relief that he can accompany his class on school outings. Thank you for recommending this product to me! - Jess
Hello, I race cars. I decided to try the natural remedy. I really was so surprised how well this works. It tastes good, too! A capful before a race and every other hour thereafter truly made a difference. My race buddies have also started to use this product. It really does work very well. Thanks. Sincerely - Blake, CA, USA
This product is the only thing that seems to work for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. It tastes minty and sweet and comes in the form of tiny little balls that I like to call candies. She gets up very early for the school bus so I feed her about 30 minutes before and then give her CanTravel right afterward a little at a time (she licks them out of her hand or mine). It's such a relief. I recommend this to everyone. I think the trick is...if possible very little or no dairy about 20-30 minutes before and then this stuff about 20 minutes before travel. Although we tried cereal and milk for an experiment (she got tired of peanut butter and jelly on toast for breakfast EVERY morning), and she seemed to be ok after taking this. - Adina F., NY, USA
“Recently, I used CanTravel with great success… Thank you.” - BJ N., AZ, USA