Rocking Chair CD Testimonials

Soothing music CD songs for babies, prenatal development and relaxation during pregnancy or labor.

“As with most expectant moms I wanted to do everything just right to give my child the best possible start in life. I have a tendency to stress about little things and after hearing that my 'stress hormones' can be directly transmitted to the calm, little being in my abdomen, I decided to be proactive about being as relaxed as possible through my pregnancy! With the help of your wonderful Rocking Chair CD as well as MindStill Essence, I felt calm, relaxed and happy for my whole pregnancy!” —- Judith
“My husband really likes his hard rock music and this is usually the 'soundtrack' in our home. After learning that a baby can hear from the 5th month of pregnancy, I decided that this was perhaps not the ideal music for him/her to be listening to, especially as it even makes me feel edgy sometimes! I found your Rocking Chair CD while browsing your site and ordered it immediately. This CD has made such a difference to the mood in our house- it is now a soothing and tranquil place that I am sure my child knows as home already. Thanks for your great products specially for pregnant women!” —- Sam, Pa
“I was holding a workshop for 12 mothers and their babies. As sometimes happens, some of the babies were a little overexcited and moms feeling stressed. I put on the Rocking Chair CD during cuddle & massage time and 10 out of the 12 babies went to sleep to the music. And the moms were very relaxed (almost napping!) while enjoying their tea break.” —- Moms and Babes Workshop Leader - Durbanville.