FluGo Testimonials

Natural remedy for fighting common cold and flu symptoms, such as a high fever, cough and headache.

I love this product!! No more endless days spent in bed surrounded by tissues and syrups. Just a few tablets and symptoms are a thing of the past! Amazing. — Rob
I am writing in to let you guys know how much this product has helped me. I had a big ice hockey tournament coming up. Last week I woke up with a running nose and I couldn’t stop sneezing, which quickly progressed by mid-morning. My mother uses your ImmunityPlus, and I quickly ordered this FluGo stuff online-- all I can say is WOW. My symptoms improved and I could feel my body fighting back. I was able to take part in the tournament and I wasn’t groggy or ‘jittery’ like when I take over-the-counter meds. Thanks so much. — Selene
I can’t be off work on bed rest. My job is high-powered, and I simply can’t afford it. This stuff addressed symptoms instantly. Wonderful product, guys. — Tom
I am expecting my second child in April, and came down with a blocked nose and achy joints. I was worried and went to see my doctor – I told him about this product and he said that if I was happy taking it instead of conventional medicines, he was happy to have me try it. I am so happy I did!! Thanks so much for a NATURAL product that I can use while pregnant to help my body and support my immune system!!!!! — Lorraine