CradleClear Lotion Testimonials

CradleClear Lotion™ is a natural remedy to soothe crusty skin rashes on your baby's face and scalp.

I would just like to say that I am unbelievably impressed with your [CradleClear Lotion] that I recently purchased as my baby had chronic [scalp issues] and no matter what I tried there was just no improvement. From trying olive oil, baby oil, various creams & lotions I was beginning to lose hope of it ever clearing up until I…bought a tube of the salve. After even the first use of it I started to notice a difference and within 2 days it had cleared up drastically. After a week it was hardly noticeable and has almost completely cleared up! Thank you for such a wonderful product and great to finally find something natural that actually works! I am sure if some other ailment pops up I will definitely be visiting you again! - Nicky M.
…I found your natural CradleClear Lotion on the internet and I must say that I'm impressed… What a great product- thanks! - Camilla S.
I just wanted to let you know what good results I had with your CradleClear Lotion… It was recommended to me and it really worked!... - Nancy T., UT