DeodoRite Testimonials

Natural deodorant and detox remedy to help reduce body odor and maintain healthy sweat glands.

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your DeodoRite remedy. My teenage son had a real problem with bad body odor and it began to affect his social life, participation at school and also his self-esteem. He was using the strongest antiperspirants we could find in the store and even still, the odor was noticeable and embarrassing for him. We purchased DeodoRite for him as a last resort - not really expecting that it would help much. We were certainly wrong - within the first week of use we noticed an improvement. He then also began to change his diet - less fast food and more fresh fruit and vegetables (No teenage boy’s favorite food!). It has now been just over a month and the change in my son is heart-warming. He is regaining his confidence and even socializing with girls these days! Thank you for an excellent remedy! - Joan C.
I have suffered with excessive perspiration and body odor since my puberty, now I have finally found the solution in your natural remedy. As a woman, feeling sweaty and in need of a shower from about 10:30am every day is very demoralizing and not good for feeling attractive and feminine. When I met my boyfriend I noticed that he didn’t even use deodorant and yet always smelt clean and fresh. I finally thought I must do something and searched on the internet only to find your remedy. I have been taking DeodoRite for a while now and I’m so happy to report that I am able to choose my fragrances based on what I like rather than just throwing the strongest men’s antiperspirant into my shopping basket. Thanks for a great remedy that is truly effective. - Karen
Well I can't believe how gooooood this stuff is. I got one bottle and within 1 week my body odor was pretty much cleared up. My son has type 1 diabetes and he sweats a lot at night so I ordered 3 bottles of DeodoRite for him and he says it has all but eliminated his body odor which was pretty bad by the way probably from the insulin he has to take. It hasn't interfered with his insulin either which is great. Thanks for making these products possible for me and my family. - Carol D., Alberta, Canada
This product is amazing. I have never written a review for anything. But this product is a miracle. I ordered only this product, but will definitely consider buying others. This product worked instaneously and continously. I have never had any product work ever so effectively. - Denise M., FL
“I must say it truly helps! For me the change was instant! … Since using this product [DeodoRite] I still sweat but within normal ranges. Even when I am just sitting at my desk sometimes I can't even tell I am sweating until I see the patch in the mirror. Thanks!!!!” - Lesa G., CA, USA