UTI-Clear Testimonials

UTI-Clear™ is a natural remedy to support bladder and urinary tract health.

...I stand by it 100%... - Shari, CA, USA
I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your products, ImmunityPlus and UTI-Clear. I was having a frustrating time... With UTI-Clear, I take only a small dosage every day (about 5 drops of each) in water… To illustrate the point, I ran out of the [remedy] and for about 6 months I was still completely healthy. ImmunityPlus works even better. I almost never have colds. If I start to feel rundown (I have a very stressful job) or I am around people who are sick, I increase the dosage to the recommended three times a day. It really works. - Lisa M.
I have been using these products for almost a year now. They actually work! I was in the hospital for 2 years. I've been home for just over a year now and I'm still bed bound so I have many special issues... These 3 products have been a Godsend. They're definitely helping to ease my discomfort... I can't thank you enough, or my father, since he was the one who found you! - Elisabeth, NJ, USA
This is an amazing product that has worked every time. Highly recommended. - Jo, UK
I have taken UTI-Clear, like the testimonials I read, I am shocked that this worked, (actually I've been frightened to speak of it so that I don't jinx it or something, crazy huh). …In desperation I ordered UTI-Clear and as I have said, to me it’s a miracle. Thanks so much. Now, I want to try some of the other remedies. - Anonymous
This product works wonderfully. - Sharonne S., NC, USA
I can't believe how wonderful your products are! I started the day before an important conference. I had ordered your UTI-Clear tincture to try it and I gave it a go …It is a miracle in a bottle! I will never be without it. This is the best site ever!! Thank you so much! - Brenda H.
…Thank you for this great product that saves some of us unfortunate souls from a lot of pain. - Adria, PA, USA
I am 56 years old and have been suffering … for the last 20 years. I can't tell you how many visits and how much money has been wasted on my doctors telling me … ‘You'll just have to learn to live with it…’ As is usual in my world, my wife started me on UTI-Clear. She is the one in our family who stays on top of that sort of thing. I started taking UTI-Clear two weeks ago. I had immediate relief… I thought it was coincidence [but] I have been faithfully taking UTI-Clear for about a week and all [is better!]. GO FIGURE. - Tommy, VA, USA
...I ordered the UTI-Clear and... continued to use as the instructions and felt great... Thank you for making this product... I recommend this to all my friends. - Rellis
“I just wanted to write to you to tell you thank you so much for the UTI-Clear product... I was going to a specialist and had all kinds of expensive tests run, it was getting to be a nightmare. Well I ordered your product… It is nothing less than a miracle. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have found this product. I truly don't know what I would have done without it. Thank you so much.” - Toni, MO, USA
“Having suffered for nearly three years... I was desperate... I stumbled upon this web site and ordered the products. They didn't work instantly but after about a week I noticed that I was feeling normal again... Thank you so much for …a natural [remedy] which is so effective. I would sincerely recommend to anybody. Keep up the good work” - Laura, UK
“…Since I started using the UTI-Clear I have only had to take the [remedy] a very few times... Thank you so much, as before I found you on the internet I did not have anything else safe and effective to try.” - Saundra
“I've tried everything in the last 15 years and I've finally found something that works!!! I'm so pleased. Thanks.” - Keeley W.
“I tried your UTI-Clear and it worked great... I'm so glad I found this product!” - Gloria M.
“This will be my second order... and [just] one dose… I love the STUFF!!!! Ordering more.” - Vanessa W., VA, USA
“I initially ordered 1 bottle from you a couple of years ago and it has held me in good stead over the course of all that time. UTI-Clear is impressively effective... THANK YOU!” - Marita P.
“Hi guys! I had to write you and say thanks a lot for UTI-Clear... I tried UTI-Clear and it speaks for itself. It worked wonderfully in only 3 days…Thanks guys!” - Monica B., GA, USA
“...I tried UTI-Clear I felt better within days. Thank you!!!” - Geenah
“I have to admit that initially I ordered UTI-Clear as a last resort but I can't believe how well it works!! …With this amazing product, I really have been able to change my life. I can't thank you enough.” - JB, UK
“This is the best natural [remedy]…” - Maria P.
“This is truly a miracle cure! …Three days [of] UTI-Clear did the trick. The UTI-Clear works so well, I have to think that your other products are worth checking out and I'm sure I will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!” - Anne, USA
“This product was very effective and worked... I am cautiously optimistic that I have found some help...” - Brenda D.
UTI-Clear is awesome. Since I have become pre-menopausal I seemed to get a lot more [bouts] then ever before. It was a hassle... I researched online and found Native Remedies. I was skeptical at first, but ordered one bottle to find out if it would work. To my surprise and delight [I was] clear within days. I reordered 3 more bottles of UTI-Clear so I always have some on hand. THANKS Native Remedies for a product I can trust” - Karen

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