Kiddie Florish Testimonials

Natural remedy to support healthy appetites and eating habits in children and toddlers.

“I am really impressed with your products, especially the [Serenite JR.]! My toddler has been a bad sleeper since birth…. On average, she would wake up every 1½ hours screaming, which of course, over time, has really taken its toll on us….

“Finally, I discovered your website, and the 60-day money-back guarantee caught my eye. I just had to try one last thing since I had nothing to lose, and any product with a guarantee like that must be good. I am happy to report [that] our little Jaime is now sleeping at least 4-5 hours at a time. And when she does wake up during the night, she even puts herself to sleep most times.

“We were concerned about her appetite too, as…she just didn’t want to eat. So, I tried the Kiddie Florish drops as well, which definitely [supported] her appetite in just over a week of giving it to her before meals.

“I look forward to trying other [products] in the future and have already recommended your products to just about everyone I know.

“Thank you for following up on the progress of using your products. I’m happy to say they actually work!” -Mrs. CC Taylor, South Africa

My daughter was such a picky eater and had no appetite. Kiddie Florish really has made a big difference, and now she's eating well and gaining weight again. It didn't take but a day or so to start working either. I was very surprised at how quickly it had an effect…. -Jean R., KY, USA
Ever since I can remember, my eldest daughter Sarah, who is 9 years old, has been a fussy eater who never seems to finish her food. No matter what I make for her, she will have a couple of spoonfuls and then say she is no longer hungry. She is getting more involved in sports now, and I was worried that she wouldn’t be getting enough energy. I have been giving her Kiddie Florish for the last two months, and there has definitely been an improvement. She will stay at the dinner table longer and eat more of her meal, and we are arguing less and less about her eating. I can’t even begin to describe my sense of relief… Thank you for helping us, and I will continue to use Kiddie Florish for Sarah. -Pat Sutherland
I have been using Kiddie Florish for my 3 year old twins for 4 weeks now, and what a difference already! There is definitely less fighting at mealtimes, as well as in between, and both of them are eating better. I have also tried some of your tips and advice, bran and carrot muffins are now a firm favorite, a great breakfast back-up that I don’t feel too guilty about. Heartfelt thanks from a desperate mom. - Jennie K.
“My son is a very fussy eater, and I have been looking for something natural that would boost his appetite. I came across Kiddie Florish and thought it would not hurt to give it a try. Within a week, we could see a difference. I didn't have to chase him to feed him. Now, it's been about two weeks, and he is eating on his own and eating more and not fussing to eat. Thank you for your product. I would recommend this to anyone who has similar problems.” - Esther, MD, USA
“We started giving Kiddie Florish to our daughter about three to four days back…. We heard our daughter saying she really liked plums. Also, she was eating mangoes without any problems. We are surprised, really surprised. This stuff is awesome. I would recommend this stuff for any parents who are…scared about their kids not eating…. I am glad I [got the] buy-two-get-one-free deal. I think if Native Remedies would offer [a] buy-three-get-two-free [deal], then I would go for that…too. [I] love you, Native Remedies. You guys have [come] pretty close to solving one of our major concerns about our daughter.” - Irfan H., CA, USA
“I purchased Kiddie Florish a year and half ago for the first time. My daughter, who at 5 years old was a terrible eater and was sick all the time. She cried that she felt tired everyday, all day. She was even hospitalized… It was right after that I felt I had to do something different; she was only 32 pounds and not growing well, probably because she wasn’t eating well. I started her on Kiddie Florish and within a couple of weeks I started to see a difference in her appetite, and energy level. In a year and a half she has gained 13 pounds and several inches in height. Kiddie Florish was a miracle for us!!!” - Sandra Griffin, North Reading, MA, USA