Sleep Tonic Testimonials

Natural remedy to support healthy restful sleeping and help you maintain normal sleep patterns.

I took your Sleep Tonic while I was pregnant and have continued ever since because it really helps me to sleep. I have also used it in a little bit of warm water for my baby and for my three year old son, (who both find it difficult to sleep right through), and find that they sleep soundly. It is truly wonderful to find a product which helps so much…! - Sheila
Thanks to your Sleep Tonic, my nights of lying awake are over! I have a heart condition and cannot take anything else - so you can imagine how glad I was to find something that works so well and which also does not interact with my heart medication! - Lindi B.
This is an amazing product. I gave this to my little baby boy when he was 3 months because he keep waking up every 3-4 hours during the night. He would wake up even when he wasn't hungry and wanted to play at 3 in the morning. A few days we gave him Sleep Tonic, he began to sleep long stretches of time during the night and now at 4 months he sleeps from 9pm to 6am, which is excellent. Thanks so much for this wonderful product. - Hayatee, Geneva, Switzerland
Our son about a year ago, after his third birthday, all of a sudden stopped sleeping through the night. We were living on literally 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night and he was not learning as much as he could… We ordered Serenite Jr. and the Triple Complex Sleep Tonic, and almost two weeks later, we woke up at 7 AM and our son wasn't there. We ran to his room and he was sleeping soundly. Our first night's sleep in almost a year for everyone… Thank you so much! - Tom, VA, USA
I have suffered from chronic insomnia for 6 months now. After everything failing to help me sleep…I decided to give [Triple Complex] Sleep Tonic a try. It took very little time before I was able to get normal nights sleep. This is like a miracle to me, since the lack of sleep was affecting my health in general. I hope my body doesn't get use to it. I also take the [Triple Complex] Calm Tonic, perhaps they are working together to get me the rest that I so much needed. Thank you Native Remedies! - Loyda, NY, USA